3a. BTH KD1, Lucas Magneto/MagDyno and Ignition and HT Parts

3a. BTH KD1, Lucas Magneto/MagDyno and Ignition and HT Parts


This section includes many  parts to fit original BTH KD1 competition magnetos (as fitted to the majority of competition Norton SOHC models), as well as other parts for competition Lucas magnetos and roadoging Mag/Dyno's.

It also contains a selection of period veteran and vintage HT leads, spark plugs and spark plug accessories.  

See also section 3.b for general electrical components and wiring system for your motorcycle

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BTH KD1/ Lucas Mag/Dyno and Other Norton Single Electrical Parts

Product no.: 0176 Info5

The BTH KD1 Competition magneto was the standard fitment to competition Norton Internationals and SOHC Manx Nortons. The competition versions (identified by a brass plate on its side reading either 'TT Magneto' or 'Dirt Track Magneto' and having the icompetition designate in its serial number) were fitted with platinum points and a manual advance/retard mechanism with a 3 screw inspection cover. I can supply most parts to fit this magneto and also occasionaly I have second hand parts as well. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the prices quoted in this section - particularly for small stainless steel screws may seem expensive compared to other commercially available nuts and bolts. Please bear in mind that this is because they are being made specially in small batch's for this magneto. Unfortunately the machinist charges for the number of machining operations - not the size of the screw!!

£0.00 *

Aluminium 'BTH' Embossed Cover to fit BTH KD1/MH1/KD2 and other similar BTH magnetos - Each

Product no.: 0868 KD1_032

- This is an excellent reproduction of the aluminium cover that was fitted to many BTH magnetos from the 1920's - late 1950's, including the KD1, MH1, KD2 and other similar models.  It has a faithful reproduction of the correct BTH motif stamped into it.  Aluminium.  Price is Each

£28.50 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Comp Magneto - Lockwired Housing Screws : Stainless Steel

Product no.: 0189 KD1 009

- Stainless steel hex head tapered screws for competition BTH housings. Drilled to take lockwire and with screwhead slot, just as the originals were - Stainless Steel.  Price is each

£7.20 *
In stock

BTH KD1 TT - 3 Point Competition Points Cover - Unmachined Alloy Casting with Drawing

Product no.: 0983 KD1_TTCap1

This listing is for an unmachined cast aluminium 3-screw type points cover, to fit the manual advance/retard housing BTH KD1 TT model magneto.  The casting is a high quality (lost wax) casting, with (lathe) machining boss attached, and we supply it with an engineering drawing giving machining dimensions taken from an original cover.  See listing for further detail

£25.00 *
Not in stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - Competition Cover Hex Slotted Screw/Washer - Stainless Steel (Each)

Product no.: 0187 KD1 008

Hex head bolt with screwdriver slot to fit the 3-point competition BTH KD1 cover (screw comes with steel washer)

£3.30 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - Alloy BTH Cover - Securing Side Screws and Washers - Stainless Steel (Pair)

Product no.: 1096 KD1 0033

These are the small round headed screws that retain the alloy BTH embossed cover fitted to most BTH magnetos, as shown here.  Screws are CNC turned in stainless steel to original BTH head shape, and come with washers.  Price is per pair 

£6.30 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - Competition Inspection Cover Paper Washer

Product no.: 0188 KD1 013

- Competition Cover (3 screw type) paper gasket for BTH KD1 competition magnetos

£3.50 *
In stock

BTH KD1 (and other types) Magneto - Rear Bearing Housing Shims (4 or 8 Thou thick): Price is Each

Product no.: 0179 KD1 017

- Correct size shims to fit BTH KD1 magnetos and other BTH magnetos with similar housing - i.e. KD2, KH1, KH2 etc.  See detail listing for more information. Available in 2 thickness - state which required.  Also, see detail for Lucas size shims

£3.50 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - HT Pick Up Screws + Washer: Original BTH Form (Stainless Steel) - Each

Product no.: 0182 KD1 005

- Stainless Steel Pick Up screws to fit BTH KD1 and other BTH magnetos - in the correct wide base profile of the original items, in stainless steel with washer (Each)

£3.70 *
Not in stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - HT Pick Up

Product no.: 0180 KD1 003

- Good quality Reproduction KD1 pick up to fit BTH KD1 magnetos (Note: does not include pickup brush shown in photograph)

£17.50 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - HT Pick up Rubber cover

Product no.: 0181 KD1 004

- Ruubber cover that fits over pick up and HT Lead on BTH KD1 and most other BTH magnetos - essential to protect from damp/petrol etc

£2.90 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - HT Pick Up Ferrules

Product no.: 0183 KD1 006

- Graphite HT Pick Up ferrules with spring attached (these are frequently worn on used magnetos) - I find that if this needs replacing, it also benefits to clean the slip ring contact. Great care should be taken when doing this not to damage the slip ring

£6.10 *
Not in stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - HT Pick Up Base Gasket

Product no.: 0184 KD1 018
- Cork gasket that fits at base of KD1 HT pick up
£2.40 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - Contact Breaker Set

Product no.: 0185 KD1 016

- High quality 'Standard' type (i.e. not platinum) tungsten BTH KD1 Contact Breaker Points Set, from trusted UK supplier

£60.00 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - Platinum Contact Breaker Set

Product no.: 0185b KD1 016b

- Proper Competion PLATINUM BTH KD1 Contact Breaker Points Set These are the correct platinum contact breakers, as were originally fitted to genuine competition KD1 magnetos, and the key differentiatior between the racing version and the standard version. Sorry they are so expensive, but I dont control that - I am saving myself so I can use a set on my next KD1 rebuild!

£148.00 *
Not in stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - Points Plate Earth Brush

Product no.: 0186 KD1 007

- Earth brush and spring that fits in the back of the Points plate on BTH KD1, MD1 and similar BTH magnetos

£6.60 *
Not in stock

BTH KD1 Comp Magneto - Advance/Retard Housing Lower Plug

Product no.: 0190 KD1 011

- This is the large width housing plug that fits into the bottom of the KD1 manual advance/retard housing, at the base of the cable mechanism, often missing (fitting it helps prevent corrosion and dirt entering the mechanism).  Dull nickel plated as per original

£25.50 *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

BTH KD1 Comp Magneto - Manual Advance/Retard Cable Abutment

Product no.: 0191 KD1 012

- Brass hex head cable abutment that screws into the top of the manual advance/retard housing cable mechanism on BTH KD1 magnetos. the cable adjuster then screws into this item

£27.50 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Competition Magneto - Manual Advance/Retard Plunger Body

Product no.: 0192 KD1 015

- Plunger for manual advance/retard unit on BTH KD1 magnetos, fitted with manual advance/retard mechanism.  

£25.50 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - Armature Bearing

Product no.: 0249 KD1001

- Single row ball bearing to fit BTH KD1 competition magnetos (as fitted to Norton camshaft engines). I believe this bearing also fits other similar BTH single cylinder magneto's, i.e. standard KD1 and MH1 models

£20.00 *
In stock

BTH KD1 Magneto - Bearing Insulator

Product no.: 0178 KD1 002

- Insulator for KD1 bearing. fits between bearing and housing. one required per bearing

£3.50 *
In stock

BTH KD1 (and Lucas Manual Magnetos) - Advance/Retard Cable Abutment - Rubber Shroud (Each)

Product no.: 0372 KD1 027
Rubber cable shroud to stop water running down the advance\retard cable and into the mechanism. This shroud is of the type fitted to BTH KD1 magnetos, but is also very similar to the Lucas variety as well (and can be used on both)
£3.30 *
In stock

Lucas M01L (Mag/Dyno) Face Cam Magneto - Contact Breaker Set

Product no.: 1012 LUC030

- High quality tungsten Contact Breaker Points Set to fit the popular Lucas M01L type Face Cam Mag/Dyno magneto, as fitted to most roadgoing Norton singles, from trusted UK supplier

£24.00 *
Not in stock

Cheesehead Screw Set to fit Lucas Mag/Dyno Front Cover - Pack of 4

Product no.: 1025 Lucas31

These are the fine thread screws that fit the Lucas Magdyno triangular front cover in place, as used on most Norton roadgoing singles from the 1930's through to the late 1950's.  Nice shallow curve to the front of the screws, as per the originals. Price is for pack of 4

£6.80 *
In stock

End Cover Clip to fit Lucas Mag/Dyno (Each)

Product no.: 1026 Lucas32

This is a nice quality reproduction of the spring type clip, used to retain the chromed pressed steel points cover on Lucas Magdyno units, as used on most Norton roadgoing singles from the 1930's through to the late 1950's.  See detail listing for dimensions.  Price is Each

£9.50 *
In stock

New Norton WD Type Mag/Dyno Platform Casting - Each

Product no.: 1198 3711_WD

This is a nice reporduction of the Norton Magdyno (iron) platform, that was fitted to some Norton 16H WD models - but should also fit other pre-1948 SV and OHV models.  See listing for more information before ordering. Price is Each

£29.00 *
In stock

Reproduction Lucas Dynamo Bakelite Cover (1937 - @1953 models)

Product no.: 0616 LUC014

Reproduction of the black bakelite cover fitted to Lucas Magdyno Dynalmo's of the E3LM type that were original fitment on most Norton roadgoing models from approximately 1937 - to the early 1950's. See listing for more detail.   Price is Each

£13.50 *
In stock

Lucas Mag/Dyno Dynamo - Rubber Wiring Input Shroud (Each)

Product no.: 0428 LUC008

This is the distinctive rubber shroud that fits over the input wires on the pre-war and immediate post-war Lucas Dynamo - where those dynamos were fitted with a flat bakelite cover - see photos for details.  Price is Each

£4.80 *
In stock

Slotted Screw Securing Lucas Dynamo To Magneto (Magdyno) - Stainless Steel

Product no.: 0454 200569

As the description implies, this is the special slotted nut/screw that was used to secure the Lucas dynamo to the magneto (Lucas Mag/Dyno's) fitted to all Norton road-going models from 1930's to 1950's. This screw is very nicely made and identical to original, but in stainless Steel

£8.50 *
In stock

Lockwired/Slotted Housing Screws - Lucas Comp Type: K2FC/KNR1/Wader etc : Stainless Steel - Each

Product no.: 0860 Lucas015

- Stainless steel hex head, drilled for lockwire and slotted for screwdriver, housing screws of the correct specification to original Lucas competition magnetos of type K2FC, KNR1, Wader etc.  Stainless Steel. Price is Each

£7.40 *
In stock
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