Lucas M01L (Mag/Dyno) and other Lucas Magnetos -HT Pickup Brush and Spring - Each

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These are the rectangular brushes fitted to the Lucas E3 and E3L Dynamo unit that sits atop the Lucas Magdyno unit, fitted to most Norton Single Cylinder roadgoing models.  These brushes are to fit the E3(L) 2 brush type dynamo, fitted to Norton models from 1937 onwards. 

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The Lucas E3 (two brush) type dynamo was fitted to Norton single cylinder models from 1937 onwards.  These brushes are to fit that model.  The dynamo looks as shown in the last photo in this listing, and as you can see the brushes are accessable, after releasing the end cover, and (if memory serves me right), - access to the brushes is easier if the tin circular end cover is also removed.  Sometime in the late 1940's/early 1950's this dynamo type was upgraded to a slightly more powerful and longer unit (which I believe was when it was then called the E3L) - identifiable by having a distinctive shaped encapsulating single piece pressed cover - these brushes should also fit that dynamo type.

 The brushes are held in by circular coil springs (Part J in the picture) which can easily be held back with a small screwdriver to allow the old brushes to be removed and checked.  It is also a good idea to check the commutator (copper segnments that the brushes push against), to check for graphite build up or corrosion - but you need to be extremely careful not to damage these segments when cleaning them.

Note: Prior to 1937, the Lucas dynamo was a 3 Brush unit - and I do not believe these brushes will fit that earlier unit.  However, you can email me on if you have an earier unit - as in the future I may be trying to obtain the brushes for that earlier type.

Also - if you require more information on the different electrical units fitted to Norton single cylinder models, or the different wiring harnesses fitted over the lifetime of the different single cylinder models - we now produce a set of 3 facsimile items showing Lucas parts and the different wiring diagrams - See Item 1213 (use our Search function in the left sidebar - and enter the number 1213). 

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