New Products & Restocks

New Products & Restocks

New Products & Restocks

Latest New Products and Re-Stocks Update: 

This page gives details of the latest products we have manufactured, or those that have recently come back in stock (i.e normally those that are being frequently requested by customers).     Items are listed in order of most recent first

Section 1: Latest New (In-House) Manufactured Products:

Latest In-House CNC Products available:

Date: Item No Item Description ..     ..    ..    .. Web Link:


see below

Early SOHC and OHV Coil Valve Sping Assembly Parts:

We are now manufacturing the coil valve spring parts for early SOHC engines (i.e. pre35 Mod 30/40 and prewar CS1/CJ) and OHC engines.  See below for individual items available date as we have them

 see below
2018/06/16 xxx

OHV Valve Collets

 Valve collets to fit OHV valves.  Used in conjunction with parts shown below

Expected in stock in next two weeks

2018/06/04 0667

Early SOHC & OHV Coil Valve Springs 

Coil valve springs - to fit pre-war SOHC engines fitted with coil springs and all OHV (i.e. ES2, Mod18,Mod50, Mod19 etc)

Head Section
2017/06/15   xxxx

Early SOHC & OHV Coil Top/Bottom Spring Cup Plates

Coil valve springs

<Just adding - should be avail in next two weeks>

Head Section

2017/04/10 0678 A3/142

OHV Valves (from G&S valves)

high quality inlet/exhaust valves to fit all OHV models

OHV Valve




















Section 2: Other New Products:

Other new products recently introduced or manufactured for us:

Date: Item No Item Description ..     ..    ..    .. Web Link:
2018/06/15  see section

Various new Bonhams catalogs and Magazine bundles being added (as we get round to it)

Catalogs and Magazines Section
2018/06/15 See Section

Starting to list various bundles of UK classic motorcycle and other magazines (i.e. Porsche 911) magazines.  Need to clear some storage space at home!

We have lots of issues of The Classic Motor Cycle and Classic Racer, email on sales email if particular issue you need

Catalogs and Magazines Section










Section 3: Re-Stocks and Soon To Be Back In Stock:

Items we have on back order or are re-manufacturing at the moment:

Last Update Date: Item No Item Description ..     ..    ..    .. When Avail?:

Valves - various sizes

I have just placed a large order for new G&S valves in all the popular sizes.  if you wish to reserve a particular valve size - then email Steph on our normal sales email

Sept 2018