1.g Norton SOHC Gaskets,Seals & Fasteners

1.g Norton SOHC Gaskets,Seals & Fasteners

1.g Norton SOHC Gaskets,Seals & Fasteners
Norton SOHC gaskets, fasteners and smaller parts

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Jet Holder Nut - Copper Washer

Product no.: 0083C A11/716C

Copper washer that will fit behind the jet holder nut used on the timing case and racing cambox covers

£0.90 *

Cylinder Feed Bolt - Copper Washer

Product no.: 0276 A11/40C
Copper washer that fits behind the cylinder feed bolt nut
£0.75 *

SOHC and ES2 Exhaust Pipe Flange Washer

Product no.: 0089 A3/166
- Copper Washer used to seal exhaust pipe where it screws into cylinder head (normally requires replacement each time Union Nut is refitted). Fits both SOHC and pushrod models
£2.80 *

Crankcase Breather (One Way Valve)

Product no.: 0248 A2/707

Correct (and as per original) 1/4" BSP 'One Way Valve' - as fitted to all Norton singles, including all SOHC, OHV and SV models - this item screwing into the recess just above the drive side main bearings, allowing the engine to breathe correctly

£18.00 *
In stock

SOHC Breather and One Way Valve Copper Washer- Pack of 3

Product no.: 0091b E5264-C2

- 1/4" BSP Copper Washer - pack of 3. This washer is suitable for use in 3 places - the Drive Side One Way Valve and the straight through breather or unions fitted to SOHC crankcase fittings and cambox. These washers are not quite as wide as item 0090b, and therefore look less obtrusive when fitted behind these unions (you may decide though you prefer to fit red fibre washers which we also sell). These can also be fitted to 1/4 BSP petrol taps. Sold as a pack of 3

£1.90 *

SOHC Crankcase Feed/Return Oil Pipe Union

Product no.: 0246 A11/721

These are the unions that screw into the crankcase behind the timing chamber - it is the smaller 1/4" BSP side that screws into the crankcase, the larger side is 3/8" BSP and takes the distinctive large oil pipes fitted to Norton Internationals. 

£9.00 *
In stock

Crankcase Oil Pipe Union - AF

Product no.: 0246b A11/721-AF

This is the Union that fits into International and SOHC Manx crankcases for both Feed and Return. It allows for the standard 3/8" BSP SOHC Norton oil pipes to be connected. It is very close to original but is a modern item, and uses a larger spanner hex, requiring a UNF spanner. This is a cheaper alternative to the original brass union that I have made specially (Item no 0246), but as you only need to screw it in once this is not really an issue - item is still high quality and is cadmium plated. - Price is per each

£4.00 *

Crankcase Oil Pipe Union - Fibre Washer

Product no.: 0247 A11/721FW

This is the fibre washer that fits behind the oil feed/return crankcase union. Also fits behind the A11\878 rear cylinder feed shouldered nut

£1.20 *

SOHC Crankcase Union/Cambox Union/Breather Union (straight thru)

Product no.: 0248b A11/719

This is a faithful reproduction of the straight through union fitted to SOHC (and DOHC) cambox's for connecting the cambox oil feed pipe (fitted at top of crankcase and cambox), but also used as a front crankcase breather on many Inters and magnesium racing engines.  Finally it is also fitted as a breather union on the bevel chamber of magnesium racing crankcases behind the inner timing cover (while Inter crankcases instead employ a pressure telltale unit).  Copied from an original pre-war item


£8.00 *

Crankcase Breather (straight thru) - AF

Product no.: 0248c A11/719-AF

This is modern replacement for the straight thru breather used on Norton crankcases and timing cases - but uses AF Hex (not Whitworth) - if you are not worried about originality!

£4.00 *

Oil Tank Union (without gauze)

Product no.: 0248d A11\292
This is the oil tank union fitted to many International\Manx oil tanks with the larger 3\8" BSP fitting on both sides (crankcase unions were smaller on the crankcase side). Please note - these do not have gauze filters fitted, which the 'Feed' side union would have had originally (I might make some of these in the future). Gauze can easily be added in by soft soldering.
£4.00 *

SOHC Crankcase Union/Sump Bolt Filter 1/4" BSP Copper Washer - Pack of 3

Product no.: 0090b E5264-C1

1/4" BSP Copper Washer - pack of 3. This washer is suitable for use in 3 places - the main Oil pipe unions that screw into the crankcase (see second photograph), the Oil filter bolt that fits at the base of the timing case chamber or the sump plug screw. 

£2.90 *

Crankcase Breather - Fibre Washer

Product no.: 0249 A11/719FW

Surprisingly it is very difficult to find good quality vulcanised (red fibre) washers to fit 1/4"BSP fittings. These red fibre washers are of the highest quality (from a specialist manufacturer) and have just the right external diameter - but are a very tight fit on the thread. To fit them I place the breather (or similar 1/4" BSP fitting) in soft jaw vice, then place these washers just onto the thread - then I carefully use a pair of large pliers (the circular hole with coarse teeth) to carefully wind them onto the thread. Although this is difficult - the result is the correct size washer that does not look out of place under a Norton breather (unlike many modern ones that are far too wide and look out of place). These are high quality washers from a top manufacturer - sold in pack of 5. Note: do not buy if you are worried you might not be able to fit them!!

£2.10 *

Crankcase Oil Pipe Union - Red Fibre Washer - Pack of 3

Product no.: 0112 FW010

High quality Red Fibre Washer that seals the oil pipe unions on Inter/Manx crankcases. Also fits behind the A11\878 rear cylinder feed shouldered nut. Sold as pack of 3

£1.70 *
In stock

SOHC Oil Filter (Dowty) Washer

Product no.: 0090 E5264

- Modern equivelant Dowty washer (outer washer is zinc plated steel, inner washer is neoprene). This washer is used behind the timing chamber filter bolt and also at the back of the rear cylinder crankcase mouth bolt (that has an oil feed)

£1.00 *
In stock

1BA x 7/8" Cheesehead Screws for Handlebar Controls - Bar Turned - Pack of 4

Product no.: 0250 1BASS78

1 BA x 7/8" CNC bar turned Stainless Steel Cheesehead Screws - pack of 4. Most common size for handlebar fittings and other smaller fittings such as electrical. These items are CNC bar turned 

£7.60 *
Not in stock

2BA x 7/8" Cheesehead Screws for Handlebar/Electrical Controls - Bar Turned - Pack of 4

Product no.: 0335 2BASS78

2 BA x 7/8" CNC bar turned Stainless Steel Cheesehead Screws - pack of 4. Common size for handlebar fittings such as the smaller electrical switch's.  These items are CNC bar turned 

£7.60 *
In stock

SOHC Engine - Complete Cheesehead SS Bar-turned Screw Set

Product no.: 0091 CH HD1
Complete cheesehead screw set for SOHC engine, in stainless steel with red fibre washers - comprising : 18 screws in total - 4 cambox front bevel screws, 6 rear cambox screws, 7 timing case screws, 1 crankcase screw and high quality fibre washer set (including obligatory spare washer!). Update 26/4/14: These cheesehead screws are 'bar-turned' in Stainless Steel, to the same dimensions as the original 1930's/40's Norton items - i.e they are machined from solid bar, rather than being mass produced 'pressed thread' items. The primary reason for doing this is that the 'cheesehead' of Norton screws of this item has a distinctive shape and was slightly wider than the proprietary cheeseheads screws available today (these have width of 0.407", rather than standard width of approx. 0.375"). The set consists of 18 screws. An original NOS (New Old Stock) Norton cheesehead screw was used as a pattern (see photograph 3), these screws copy that profile exactly. Sorry, not cheap as I have these screws machined specially for me from oversize bar
£34.00 *

SOHC Cheesehed Screw Red Fibre Washers

Product no.: 0097 A2/722
- Red Fibre Washers: Fibre Washers, as originally fitted behind all Norton cheesehead screws. These act as a buffer behind the head of the screw and give a better, more even purchase on the cover/casting. These particular washers are premium quality (quite hard) from a top manufacturer, so are durable and long lasting - and explains the price.
£0.18 *

SOHC Crankcase Sump Screw - Very Long size screw

Product no.: 0096 A11/688B
Ccoarse thread Cheesehead Screw (1 required per crankcase). Shown on far right in photograph
£1.80 *

SOHC Pressure Adjuster Locknuts - Pack of 3

Product no.: 0243b A11/43
5/16" x 26tpi Half Nuts, as fitted to oil pressure adjuster bolt, stainless steel. Pack of 3
£3.60 *

SOHC Oil Pump Securing Screw - Pair

Product no.: 0609 A11/732

Securing screw to fit SOHC oil pump - with reduced head.  Price is per pair

£7.50 *
In stock

Norton Upright Gearbox - Gearlever Lubricating Bolt (SS) and Washer

Product no.: 0671 A2_405

This is the distinctive bolt fitted to the gear lever spline on all Norton upright gearbox's.  This bolt was drilled through the centre to allow greasing of the seperate positive stop mechanism.  CNC manufactured in stainless, comes complete with washer

£4.00 *
In stock

Norton Gearbox Endplate Nuts - Upright Gearbox

Product no.: 0099 A11M/307

- These are the distinctive Norton gearbox nuts as fitted to the endplate of all upright Pre-War Norton models and pre-Featherbed Manx models. Made in Stainless Steel and very pretty

£2.80 *

Norton Upright Gearbox Bolt Washer

Product no.: 0461 A11M/313W
Lasercut and then dull nickel plated washer with very wide face, this washer fits behind the large nut on top gearbox bolt nut an is useful to help spread load on upright gearbox top lug (which often snaps if frame lug worn)
£1.50 *

Norton Rear Wheel Spindle Washer - Pair

Product no.: 0462 B2/659
Lasercut and then dull nickel plated washers with wide face for spreading load on Norton rear wheel spindles. These were originally fitted to Norton single rear wheels but are nearly always missing when restoring a bike (not available commercially, which is why I made them). Price is for a pair of washers
£2.50 *

Norton Chaincase Attachment Bolt Washer - Pair

Product no.: 0464 A2/275
Lasercut and then dull nickel plated washers to fit the 5.16" stud/bolt that sits between the rear engine plate and inner chaincase on Norton singles. These wide washers help stop deforming the chaincase and one was originally fitted (see Item 10 on the attached exploded diagram taken from the 1948 catalog). Only one is shown in the picture, but if one is put behind the chaincase as well it can help stop the chaincase being deformed. I have found the same size difficult to find commercially so had these made. Price is for a pair
£1.80 *

Manx Bolt-thru Petrol Tank - 5/16" BSC Domed Nuts: Stainless Steel Polished

Product no.: 0125 A11M/837(N)

- This is the domed nut used on the top of Norton Manx Plunger petrol tanks - Manufactured in stainless steel - Employs 5/16" B.S.Cycle thread, so can be used for other purposes if desired - These look beautiful lightly polished when used in conjunction with my stainless dished washers - Price is per each

£2.10 *
In stock

3/8" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washer - Reduced Outer Diameter: Bag of 10

Product no.: 0694 3_8_ROD

3/8" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washers, but with Reduced Outer Diameter, which are correct for some Norton 3/8" engine bolts as used on SOHC engines: Price is for bag of 10

£1.90 *
Not in stock

7/16" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washer - Reduced Outer Diameter: Bag of 4

Product no.: 0661 7_16_ROD

7/16" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washers, but with Reduced Outer Diameter, which are correct for Norton 7/16" engine bolts as used on SOHC engines: Price is for bag of 4. Please read detail description 

£1.80 *
Not in stock
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