1.m Norton Transfers

1.m Norton Transfers

Norton Transfers including those fitted to SOHC, OHV and SV models

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Norton Transfers

Product no.: 0113 Info4

Please note: All our transfers come directly from a long term established transfer supplier and are of highest quality. They are the correct transfers for the models described, and they are the ones I use myself.

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Norton Main Tank Transfer - Black (All models: Late 1920's - 1960's)

Product no.: 0114 TRN/01

- This is the standard 'Norton' motif in black (with Reg'd Trade Mark in small lettering underneath) fitted to almost all painted/lined Norton petrol tanks, from the late 1920's - early 1960's.  They are of the highest quality, do not shrink or crack and are the same ones I have used on my own tanks for the last 30 years.

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Norton Main Tank Transfer - Black (Flat Tank Models 1910 to Late 1920's) - Each

Product no.: 0869 TRN/07

- This is the 'Norton' motif in black as fitted to the side of early Flat Tank Norton models (notice it was before they put 'Norton Reqd Trademark' under it)nderneath).  Similar in size to the later tank transfers - but with a more 'scrolled' look to the letters - the correct transfer for pre-1928 models. Price is each

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Norton Top Tank Transfer - Gold

Product no.: 0115 TRN/02

- Small but very smart Norton transfer that is placed on the top of the Norton tanks. Used on SOHC and pushrod tanks. - On SOHC tanks, particularly those with chinpads I find they look better placed ahead of the filler cap, but on pushrod tanks and SOHC

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Norton Rear Mudguard Transfer - Gold

Product no.: 0116 TRN/03

- Slightly larger than the tank top transfer, this rear mudguard transfer adds the final touch to your restoration. - Not entirely sure when/to these were fitted, but I have them on both my 1930's bikes and also on my 1950's DOHC Manx and they look very n

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Norton Chaincase Transfer - Gold

Product no.: 0117 TRN/04

- Fitted to most roadgoing Norton motorcycles from the 1930's to the 1960's, wherever the pressed steel Norton primary chain oilbath was used

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Norton Steering Head - Gold and Blue

Product no.: 0118 TRN/05
- I believe these were fitted mainly to very early Nortons (particularly flat-tank bikes) so are not strictly correct for SOHC Nortons, however, on occasion I have fitted them anyway, as they look so pretty and only the real purist would object! - Fitted
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Norton Sidecar and Steering Head? - Gold and Red

Product no.: 0119 TRN/06
- These transfers have to be one of the rarest ever fitted, I believe they were originally fitted to the side door of the Norton Sidecar of the 1920's, although they may also have been fitted to the frame headstock - Again, a nice transfer to add to your
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