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About Us

About Us - Background


www.RacingVincent.co.uk was first created by historic motorcycle enthusiast Paul Norman back in 2002, as a website to share his interest in motorcycle restoration with other likeminded enthusiasts. In 2006 Paul first started to manufacture hard to find SOHC (Cammy) Norton parts for sale, mainly because some parts were becoming almost impossible to find for his own bikes and there seemed to be a demand from other Norton owners who were having similar issues.  With this backdrop www.RacingNorton.co.uk was introduced alongside RacingVincent, as a forum for selling those parts and also to specialise on information relating to the SOHC Norton International and SOHC Manx Norton.


Since that time, wel have continued to expand on this manufacturing side and www.RacingNorton.co.uk can now offer a large range of parts to fit Norton SOHC (Norton International, CS1 and SOHC Manx Norton) as well as many parts that fit other single cylinder Norton motorcycles. We also supply parts for Amal TT/RN/GP carburettors, BTH KD1 racing magnetos.  We are constantly expanding our catalog with new products related to the restoration of Norton’s and competition motorcycles and regularly send out updates in the form of Newsletters and website updates.  If you would like to receive these Newsletter updates, please sign up on the Newsletter page below. 


Racing Vincent’s mission statement is to prioritise on supplying high quality hard to find parts and ensure the very best customer experience in doing so.  The majority of parts we supply are commissioned by ourselves, and manufactured by trusted, specialist engineering companies, using modern CNC machinery working to engineering drawings supplied by Paul, or using original Norton parts (in ‘as new’ condition) as patterns.  Wherever possible we manufacture parts to be identical to the original Norton design, our only exception to this being that many cosmetic parts are manufactured in Stainless Steel, rather than original dull nickel plated steel - this material being more durable and less prone to rusting (as well as very pretty).



General Requests For Information (Updated by Paul Norman November 2012)


Wherever possible – we also offer a backup service to provide information and expertise, if we can.  The Norton International, Norton CS1 and SOHC Manx Norton were never made in large numbers, so information relating to them is not always easy to find.  Added to this, the basic engine configuration was manufactured for almost 30 years, and over that time – as with any manufacturer, there were many changes to specification, lots of these differences being small and difficult to recognise – we ourselves are still learning all the time!


As well as providing parts, we will also try to answer email queries if we can – those email queries are normally looked at by myself – Paul Norman, but because I work away full time in my day job in the week I have very little time - therefore these requests for information may take some time to respond to.  If you have not recevied any response within 3 weeks though, try emailing me again - just in case I have missed it! 

If you have a request for information relating to either SOHC Norton’s (or even Vincent’s – not that I am an authority!) then you can email me at:  




I am sorry, but I am unable to take phone calls from customers - please only contact me by email (and if you have seen a mobile number listed for me previously - please do not call it without prior arrangement through email first, as I work away in another full time job and the phone number previously listed is related to that role, thank you. 

 If you have an urgent query relating to an Online Order, then email both Sales@racingvincent.co.uk and Paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk quoting the order number in the email heading – one of us will endeavour to respond to it within 2 days.