As we all know, the vast majority of classic motorcyclists are true enthusiasts and the financial side of the hobby is very much a secondary concern.  That said, we are all aware that the bikes covered by this website are now very desirable and there are some unscrupulous individuals around whose motives are not always honest.

With this in mind we want to assure customers of the following: 

1.      Our website is hosted by 1&1, one of the largest and most trusted website hosting providers, whose data storage is very well protected:

 2.      We never share any customer details with anyone else, unless a customer specifically requests us to do so

3.      Likewise, we never forward on any customer machine details to other people unless specifically asked to do so by that customer.  To the same end, we do not publish any photos of customer bikes unless it is with their permission.  

We are often sent photographs of customer bikes (as we all like to share the labours of our work and show off our pride and joy!), and we will sometimes list these in our 'Your Bikes' section - but only after asking permission or at your specific request 

4.      We do not share details with any third parties or data collection agencies

5.      We do not keep any customer payment details on file

6.      We do not give out information about specific Norton engine/frame numbers.  We do not mind providing information that will help to identify the correct year of manufacture for your bike – but please do not ask us to supply valid Norton International frame/engine numbers because we wont!