Aluminium 'BTH' Embossed Cover to fit BTH KD1/MH1/KD2 and other similar BTH magnetos - Each

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This is an excellent reproduction of the aluminium cover that was fitted to many BTH magnetos from the 1920's - late 1950's, including the KD1, MH1, KD2 and other similar models. 

It has a faithful reproduction of the correct BTH motif stamped into it as well as the correct radius to snugly fit round the KD1 type magneto body, as well as cutouts at the base of the cover, which allow for it to be fixed to the magneto by the original screws. It is an exact copy of the original, in the original thickness of aluminum.

Finish is lightly polished aluminium, but is supplied with plastic protective covering.

If your BTH magneto has knocks and scratch's on it - or is missing its BTH motif, as so many now are - then this new cover will help make it look like new again! The first photograph shows our cover fitted to an original competition KD1, with the original (and grubby) cover at the side for comparison


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