BTH KD1 Magneto - Bearing Insulator

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Insulator for KD1 bearing. fits between bearing and housing. one required per bearing.  

To fit, heat magneto bearing and old bearing should drop out.  Then place bearing in freezer, fold ears on bearing washer, place magneto body (or end casting) in oven to get it hot (too hot to touch without oven gloves), then take bearing out of freezer, attach to washer (you can use cyano glue or similar to ensure it sticks to face of new bearing) and very quickly push it into the bearing recess in the magneto body.  Use an aluminium drift with an inner shaft (or bolt screwed in, then head removed)with diameter just less than inner bore of bearing to feed the bearing down the body of the magneto when fitting, this can also be gently tapped when bearing fitted to ensure it is fully located home.


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