1.d Norton SOHC Cambox

1.d Norton SOHC Cambox
Norton SOHC Cambox and Rocker parts

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SOHC M30/Manx Type Cambox Magnesium Front Bevel Cover

Product no.: 0431 A11M/781

This is the distincive magnesium cambox cover fitted to racing SOHC camobox's, which allow for the central oil feed to the camshaft. Manufactured in magnesium alloy as were the originals.  See detail lisitng for background to the lubrication variations for different cambox types

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SOHC Engine - Complete (Norton type) Cheesehead SS Bar-turned Screw Set

Product no.: 0091 CH HD1

Complete cheesehead screw set for SOHC engine, in stainless steel with red fibre washers - comprising : 18 screws in total - 4 cambox front bevel screws, 6 rear cambox screws, 7 timing case screws, 1 crankcase screw and high quality fibre washer set. Original Norton head pattern - see listing for details

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SOHC Model 30M 500cc (Longstroke SOHC Manx type) Inlet and Exhaust Cam

Product no.: 0051 CAM001

- Inlet and Exhaust cam to fit 500cc SOHC engine - with same profile as original 500cc M30/Longstroke Manx Profile 

£246.80 *
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SOHC Model 30International 500cc Inlet and Exhaust Cam

Product no.: 0052 CAM002

- Inlet and Exhaust cams to fit 500cc SOHC Model 30/International engines 

£241.50 *
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SOHC Model 40/40M 350cc Inlet and Exhaust Cam

Product no.: 0053 CAM003

- Inlet and Exhaust cam set to fit 350cc (Model 40/40M) SOHC engine models

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SOHC Rear Cambox Cover Gasket

Product no.: 0084 2X48

Paper gasket to fit all SOHC cambox back plate/cambox. This gasket is made specially for us and is virtually identical to the original Norton rear cambox washer listed in pre-war Spare Parts catalog.

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SOHC Front Cambox Cover Paper Gasket (Each)

Product no.: 0086 A11/782M

- High quality traditional paper gasket for all SOHC Cambox bevel covers, both Manx and International

£3.30 *
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SOHC Model 30/40 Cam Securing Roller

Product no.: 0054 A11/796
- Silversteel roller that secures the two cams together. Quite a difficult piece to make, as it has a tight length tolerence - to avoid the issue of the cams not fully mating together (too long), or there not been enough protruding from both cams (too short).
£3.50 *
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SOHC Model 30/40 Camshaft

Product no.: 0055 A11/790

- SOHC Camshaft to fit all standard Model 30/40/International and CS1/CJ camshafts - This camshaft is for the standard (side oil feed) cambox type bikes

£168.00 *
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SOHC Model 30M/40M SOHC Manx Camshaft

Product no.: 0056 A11M/790

- SOHC Camshaft to fit all central oil feed racing camshaft engines - This camshaft has provision for a central oil feed, as used on racing and competitionengines. Can also be used on standard side feed engines if required

£189.00 *
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SOHC Camshaft Spacer Ring

Product no.: 0352 A11/798
This is the distinctive slotted spacer ring that fits over the camshaft in the tunnel area between the front (bevel gear) chamber and the rear (cam) chamber. On racing cambox's that employ the centrally fed camshaft oilway, this is no more than a spacer ring, however, for the road going type cambox, which uses a solid camshaft, this spacer ring is very important as oil is fed to the cam chamber along the slot. For this reason, there is a slight lip one one end, to ensure the bush can only be fitted in one direction
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Camshaft Bevel Shim - Set of 3 Shims

Product no.: 0328b A11/774-s

- Essential when rebuilding your engine to ensure that the upper vertical bevel gear has the correct backlash and position in relation to the camshaft bevel gear, these camshaft bevel shims fit between the camshaft and the front cambox bearing. This is for a set of 3 shims in the following sizes :  0.2mm/0.3mm/0.5mm   See listing for more detail on thicknesses.  Set of 3

£9.00 *
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Camshaft Bevel Shim - Various Sizes (Each)

Product no.: 0328 A11/774

- Essential when rebuilding your engine to ensure that the upper vertical bevel gear has the correct backlash and position in relation to the camshaft bevel gear, these camshaft bevel shims fit between the camshaft and the front cambox bearing . Available in the following 5 sizes

0.5mm/0.3mm/ 0.2mm/0.1mm/0.05mm.  See listing for more detail on thicknesses.


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SOHC Camshaft Back Bearing Distance Piece

Product no.: 0329 A11/788

- This is the distance piece that betweens the cams and the cambox back bearing. Pattern taken from original SOHC pre-war Cambox.  

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Cambox Main (Front) Bearing - SOHC Camshaft Front Ball Bearing: RHP or SKF Brand: Each

Product no.: 0026 A11/785

- Single row ball bearing.fitted to the main SOHC cambox shell (i.e. front cambox bearing) on a  SOHC cambox's from 1931-56, both International (alloy) and SOHC Manx/M40 and some Featherbed (magnesium) cambox shells.  This bearing is from a top quality bearing manufacturer and will be either RHP or SKF dependent on current availablity. Price is each

£55.00 *
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Cambox Bearing - SOHC (Inter Mod 3040 and CS1CJ) Camshaft Back Roller Bearing : RHP C3

Product no.: 0027 A11/786

- Single row caged roller bearing. Fitted to Model 30/40 (International) SOHC engines. These are either RHP or Hoffman (Hoffman became RHP) - both best quality and in correct and very difficult to find C3 fit. 


£89.30 *
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Cambox Bearing - SOHC (Mod 30M/40M & SOHC Manx) Camshaft Back Roller Bearing : RHP C3

Product no.: 0028 A11/786M

Cambox Bearing - Camshaft Back Roller Bearing : as fitted to the Model 30M/40M (Manx) cambox backplate - identifiable from the standard International type, in that the Manx backplate is in magnesium. These are correct RHP versions in correct C3 fit - now very rare

£99.80 *
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SOHC All Models : Camshaft Bearing Retaining Plate

Product no.: 0050 A11/787
- This is the plate that stops the camshaft bearing from rotating and coming adrift in the main cambox casting
£8.40 *
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Mainshaft/Camshaft Bearing - Securing Plate Screw: All SOHC Models - Set of 3

Product no.: 0023 A11/35/3

- Countersunk screw used to retain securing plates for both main bearings in the crankcases and front camshaft bearings. These are the screws that are soldered over their heads once fitted, to ensure they dont work loose. This is for a bag of 3 screws

£2.00 *
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SOHC Camshaft Bevel Securing Nut

Product no.: 0057 A11/772

- This nut fits on the bevel end of the camshaft, and is lipped, to hold the bevel pin, as per the original Norton design - made in high tensile steel.  Price is each.

£14.00 *
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SOHC Camshaft Nut - Left Hand Thread

Product no.: 0058 A11/799

- This nut fits on the end of the camshaft after fitting cams and roller back bearing - This nut should be tightened to 55lb sq inch, therefore it is extremely difficult to remove. Sometimes it is actually less destructive to destroy this nut when removing it from the camshaft. Back In Stock Dec 09 - And now CNC machined from solid high tensile EN8 round bar (as high tensile imperial hexagon bar is getting very difficult to obtain)

£10.50 *
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SOHC Cam Rocker Pivot Bolt

Product no.: 0059a A11/810
- This is the distinctive hardened pin fitted to all SOHC cambox's, that acts as the bearing pin for the cam rockers. This item is a faithful copy of an original, CNC machined, then hardened and ground. Please Note: This item is the standard pin fitted from early 1930's through to the late 1950's, however, very early engines had a slightly different pin. Please email me for details if you are unsure. Update Dec 2010: I will shortly be able to offer the entire cam rocker bearing assembly as well as a fitting and honing service. Please email for details if you are interested
£24.20 *

SOHC Cam Rocker Pin Castellated Nut

Product no.: 0059b A11/811
- This is the castellated nut that is used with the rocker pin, it being castellated to allow for iit to be locked with a split pin once tightened. This nut is patterened on an original, but is made in Stainless Steel, so it will not rust
£6.00 *

SOHC Cam Rocker Outer Bearing Set

Product no.: 0059c A11/806-9

Cambox rocker outer bearing assembly, consisting of one phospher bronze bearing cage, one outer bearing, 2 hardened side washers and 12 rollers. See detail listing for important information

£39.90 *

SOHC Cam Rocker Full Bearing Set

Product no.: 0059d Roc1

Complete cambox rocker bearing assembly, consisting of one phospher bronze bearing cage, one outer bearing, 2 hardened side washers,12 rollers and also the cam rocker pivot bolt and castellated nut. See detail listing for important information

£68.30 *

Rocker Bearing Set - Original Type With (obsolete type) Imperial Rollers (Cage/Rollers/Washers)

Product no.: 0059F Imp01

This listing is for an original type (i.e original obsolete type Imperial rollers) Replacement phosphor bronze cage, rollers and hardened side washers - for those owners of original SOHC camboxs (1934-58), who do not wish to repace the original imperial outer bearing, that is pressed into their rocker arms.  We have these rollers made specially for us, as the original roller size is now obsolete.  See detail listing for more info.  Price is per set for one rocker arm

£31.50 *
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can be shipped within 60 days

SOHC Cam Rocker Honing Service - Per Rocker

Product no.: 0059e Hone1

Fitting and Honing service for a rocker bearing assembly into your Rocker arm, see detail listing for more information - Do not post Rockers without contacting us first!

£36.80 *

SOHC Rocker Arm Tappet Adjuster Assembly (3 Parts) - Each

Product no.: 0060 A11/803,4,5

- 3 piece tappet adjuster set, including tappet pad, outer adjuster and full width locknut - Fits all SOHC rocker arms. - A very popular item, as these are one of the main consumables of this engine. Price is each 3-part assembly

£28.40 *
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SOHC Rocker Arm Tappet Adjuster - Spare Nut (Each)

Product no.: 0060b A11/803b

- Spare top nut for the 3 piece tappet adjuster set.  

£1.90 *
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SOHC Rocker Arm Rocker Pads - Each

Product no.: 0061 A11/802
- Hardened rocker pads that press into the rocker arms - high quality replacement for a part that is often badly worn - This is for the standard shaft diameter item, which should be selected if the old item was a tight/press fit into the rocker arm. If the rocker arm had a loose fitting rocker pad then select an appropriate oversize rocker pad instead. - If you are unsure, but have an old rockepad to measure - these replacement items have a shaft diameter of exactly 0.312" (Std).
£18.40 *
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