Lucas Magdyno M01l, NR1 and K2FC - HT Pickup Gasket - Each

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This is the thick gasket that fits underneath the HT pickup fitted to most Lucas Magdyno magnetos, as well as Lucas NR1 and K1F/K2FC/KVFTT competition magnetos. 

These are high quality UK manufactured gaskts from our specialist gasket manufacturer.

Price is Each.

As well as fitting most Lucas Magdyno units (please check before ordering - I believe some earlier units may have used a different style pickup) - this gasket was also fitted to to Lucas NR1, NR1 Wader and K1F/K2FC/KVFTT competition magnetos (NR1 road racing magnetos are very rare, but were as fitted to some late Gardengate and early Featherbed Manx Nortons - see photo of one attached, which is going to be fitted to my 600 sidecar Manx).  However - the more normal NR1 magneto was the Wader type (as fitted to many British trials bikes) - which this gasket should also fit.

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