Norton 15 Tooth Magneto Sprocket - Engine Side

Product no.: 0391 A2/79
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This item is the 15 tooth engine sprocket that drives the chain to the magneto sprocket, it fits on the end of the oil pump drive gear. These items are just the same in profile as original sprockets - the engine side sprocket being a flat profile sprocket, (while the magneto side sprocket is recessed), just as per originals. These sprockets are well made and (unlike some other patterns) are also heat treated to make them longer lasting. Note: the only deviation from original, is that this sprocket does not have a slot for a woodruff key, while the originals did. This slot was superfluous on the original design, and is actually more hindrance than help - as the woodruff key, if used, can often interfere with the taper fit, making the bond less secure. Note: Fitting magneto sprockets - it is always best when fitting sprockets, to smear some fine grinding paste on the taper fit of the sprocket and gently grind the sprocket to the taper, to get a perfect fit. This is achieved when you have got a matt grey finish on both sprocket and taper. Ensure you fully remove the grinding paste before final fitting. Always use a 'puller' to remove the sprocket, do not try to lever the sprocket off with a screwdriver, as this will almost certainly damage the timing case. A tip when using puller's to remove sprockets - fit puller and screw central bolt until a good tension is reached, then give the end of the puller bolt a sharp sideways tap with a mallet - the jarring will easily loosen the sprocket

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