Lucas M01L (Mag/Dyno) Face Cam Magneto - Contact Breaker Set

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- High quality tungsten Contact Breaker Points Set to fit the popular Lucas M01L type Face Cam Mag/Dyno magneto, as fitted to most roadgoing Norton singles, from trusted UK supplier

These come from the same supplier as provides our BTH contact breaker sets and should fit most Lucas MagDyno units using the Face Cam type points operation.

Note: some of the earlier (1930's) Lucas MagDyno units, although looking similar to the later units, were of the none-faceplate points variety (I have a 1936 Lucas Magdyno unit on one of my Inters, and this uses cam ring type points).  Please check which points your magdyno use before ordering - these are the face-cam type points, as shown in the original Norton Workshop Manual line drawing from the early 1950's.  If you require the other (cam ring) type points - contact us on as we may also be able to obtain that type as well by special order

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