BTH KD1 Magneto - HT Pick Up Screws + Washer: Original BTH Form (Stainless Steel) - Each

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Stainless Steel Pick Up screws to fit BTH KD1 and other BTH magnetos - in the correct wide base profile of the original items, in stainless steel with washer 

These screws are CNC manufactured by us to faithfully reproduce the original head profile of original BTH pickup screws - them having a wider and shallower head than any other commercially available screws.  Ours are manufactured in stainless steel with the correct thread forma and shoulder and come complete with a wide pan stainless washer.  Price is Each.

Background - It seems logical that BTH fitted these wider head screws because the original brown coloured Pickups were manufactured in Bakelite which was notoriously soft and could break easily.  Most BTH magneto's I have restored over the years have had replacement screws fitted, where the head of the screw is less wide - and often this has 'bitten' into the original bakelite.  We also sell the original style KD1 competition pickup's (Item 0180) - but now in more durable blakc plastic, but these screws still look the more correct and are the detail touch's that finish off any restoration.

The final photograph shows a rare and original mid 1930's 'Works' Norton twin spark KD1 (actually classed a KH2) alongside an original KD1 competition magneto.  The KD1/KH2 is fitted with original BTH pickup screws (painted black) with our screws fitted to the KD1 on the right.  One of the screws from the Works BTH was used as the pattern for ours

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