Terms and Conditions


Terms of Business – Please Read Before Entering The Online Catalog

At www.RacingNorton.co.uk we are real bike enthusiasts and our primary business objectives are to provide quality products for historic motorcycles and great Customer Service.

However, we are also a very small team – consisting of myself: Paul Norman (the founder and owner of the business – who does the manufacturing and supply side of the business) and Stephanie – my daughter, who from January 2017 has stepped in to replace Steve - who previous customers will know dealt with all customer orders from 2014-2016.  My daughter is very friendly and efficient but only works part time and is not a motorcycle person (despite my best attempts!), so please bear this in mind – she will only pick what you have ordered online. 

We often get asked technical questions about SOHC and Single Cylinder Norton models - and are happy to help if we can - but please remember, we can only answer these when we have time, and often this may take a number of days to reply to.  If you have a technical question - direct them to our sales@racingvincent.co.uk email address, and my daughter Steph will forward them on to me.  If you do not get a reply within 2 weeks - dont be offended, just email us again! (sometimes I get bombarded with emails, and they occasionally get missed).

It is very important you realise that we only run this parts business as a small family concern - and Paul spends most of his time manufacturing /dealing with supplier orders - therefore, we cannot operate as fast as many other Online retail business's.

Because of this - we have to operate some terms of business different to other similar part’s business which have full time employees and more staff.

It is important that you read these conditions and fully understand them before entering:

We want to serve you as best as we possibly can and ensure you are not disappointed, but if you feel these terms do not suit your needs – or you need parts in an urgent hurry . . . 

then we respectively ask that you do not place orders with us, as we may not be able to meet your needs:


www.RacingNorton.co.uk Trading Terms and Conditions:

  1. We can only accept orders for motorcycle parts placed through this online E- shop

 – Sorry no exceptions and orders placed in any other way (i.e. by e-mail) will not get picked up.  The online order generates all the invoice/postage paperwork and is required to allow Steph (who works in our office) to be able to see and pick the order – our business is geared only to work in this way, there are absolutely no exceptions to this.

If you are wondering why we keep labouring this point – it is because that even now (Jan 2017) after having operated this system for the last 5 years – we constantly kept being sent orders by email or other methods . . . apologies but absolutely no exceptions – if you cannot place an order yourself through this online catalog, please ask a family member to do so, nothing else can be accepted  


  1. Please do not add items to an existing order by email

– if you have forgotten anything on your original order, just place a new online order and it will be handled separately

- Because we only operate part time the original order will often be packed ready to send before emails asking for additional items are received – causing delays and confusion to the customer, therefore – just place a new order which ensures it will not get missed


  1. Please be aware there may be a delay between order being placed and us contacting you/picking the order

- we aim to try and respond to customer’s orders within one-two weeks, and pick them ready for posting within a further two weeks – but sometimes this can be longer (much longer with big orders or if items are out of stock!). 

- Please bear this in mind if you are in a hurry . . . sorry, but we would rather you do not place an order with us, than risk you being disappointed – this is the most important term of our business . . . our working hours are not able to change because of our other non-motorcycle work commitments


  1. We sometimes have Stock Outs which may not be listed on the website

 – Although we sometimes update a Product Listing description if we know an item is going to be out of stock for a long period, due to the number of items we list and the speed that some run out, it is impractical to mark every item as out of stock. 

- Therefore, Steve will always email back to the customer any items currently out of stock, and ask if the customer wants to wait, or proceed with the order ‘as is’

- Note: some of the items we produce can be out of stock for long periods of time – i.e. valves, pistons etc.  This is because we are only a small business with limited funds and some items require a big investment from manufacturers to make it cost effective to proceed.  Therefore these items are taken in strict order of funds being available!


  1. Postage Note 1: Ensure You State The Delivery Address In Your Order

 – Please ensure the address you enter when placing your order is the address you wish the items to be posted to.  Sorry, but we cannot send to alternate addresses emailed to us later (and this has caused many problems in the past – as often these notes are picked up after we have posted)


  1. Postage Note 2: Checking Postage Status Using Tracking

 – We use (United Kingdom) Royal Mail or Royal Mail Parcelforce services for all postage (not couriers). Although not the cheapest, we have found this the most reliable service.  We add a TRACKING NUMBER on any order with a value of £25 or over and include this on the confirmation email

-  If your package does not arrive, please use the TRACKING NUMBER to confirm status of the parcel (it is not unusual to find that the postman has tried to deliver, found no one available and the parcel is waiting in the local postage depot for the customer to collect).

- Tracking a parcel for Royal Mail is easy, just go to: www.royalmail.com for Royal Mail or www.parcelforce.com for Royal Mail Parcel Force.  The confirmation of posting email we send to all customers will confirm which postage service has been used and have the TRACKIING NUMBER on it

- When emailing us for the tracking details - please bear in mind we use Royal Mail Drop and Go service.  It may be a few days after the postage date that we receive back the tracking details from the last batch of paockages posted - therefore, it may be a few days from date of posting until we have the tracking details available


  1. Postage Note 3: Making a Postage Claim

- Unfortunately, If a parcel is lost (a very rare event) – any claim to Royal Mail (or Royal Mail Parcelforce) needs to be made by the customer.  We will help in any way we can, and supply paperwork – but Royal Mail (Parcel Force) ask that it is the customer submitting claim to ensure full value of insurance is paid 

- If you do not want to pay for postage insurance you can opt to go for a lesser (non-tracked) service, but all responsibility and liability for lost parcels (and tracing lost parcels) will lie with the customer.  By default we will quote for tracking on orders of £25 or over, unless the customer states otherwise when placing the order


  1. Taking Payment  

- Our standard payment method is - INVOICE

- That means we do not take payment at checkout, instead we pick your online order, confirm all parts are in stock (and deduct them from the total if they are not), weigh the package - then email you a final invoice with postage cost (at cost only, we do not make profit from postage)

- As at Feb 2021, payment types we accept are:

- Electronic Bank Transfer (our favoured method for all orders)

- Paypal (but we only take Paypal on orders up to £150 in value - see note below)

- Cheque (cheques to be made out to Paul Norman)

- When we send the final Invoice for payment - it will confirm payment details

- When making payment - we request that the amount we receive is the full amount stated in the invoice (i.e. Cost of parts + postage/packing cost)

- Although we do not take payment when the order is placed online, we do expect customers will commit to that order, or email us if they wish to cancel it as soon as possible - please remember the process of picking/packing/weighing an order takes considerable time and effort 

We know it is more normal in the modern on-line world to place an order and pay immediately – i.e. Amazon, E-Bay etc.  However, we also understand that as soon as payment is made the customer has an expectation the parcel will arrive no more than two days later!! 

Sorry, but we cannot pick that quickly - and given we often have small batch parts that run out very quickly - we cannot guarantee all parts will always be in stock - so rather than taking payment erroneously - we prefer to confirm back to you all parts available - as well as a genuine postage/packing cost based on the actual weight - we hope you will agree this is a better method and the most honest approach to take with our customers

Update to Payment Terms & Conditions -  April 2021 : Paypal

Please note that from May 2021 we will not be able to take Paypal on orders in excess of £150

Although we understand Paypal is very popular and convenient, their charges are far greater than other payment methods - and above £150 it is just not economical for us - we lose money! (some retailers add their charges to their retail cost - we think this is unfair on thse customers who pay by electronic bank transfer or cheque)

If you do still want to pay for larger orders by Paypal, and want further information before placing an order - then you can email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss.


9. Returns Policy 

Many of the items shown in the catalog are made in small batches by high quality engineering companies, or come from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. While we endeavour to ensure our parts are made to the highest possible standards, as the fitment and use of these parts is governed by many factors outside our control, we can accept no liability for any failure of parts.  This is a condition of our business and by placing an online order with us you are deemed to have accepted these conditions. However, we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied (within 15 days + transit time of posting) on any item.  We also understand that some parts are ordered in advance of a restoration and try to be sympathetic to this.  

Please note: If returning parts because you have ordered the wrong part in error - they must be sent back in exactly the same condition as sent, in original packaging.  Regretfully we cannot accept any parts that have been trial fitted and marked in any way - as we will not be able to resell them - so please ensure you have ordered the correct part before fitting


We are committed to providing the best service we possibly can, and helping likeminded enthusiasts to ourselves to rebuild their pride and joy . . . but we ask that to maintain this service, you read and understand these terms – and by entering this site and placing an online order with us, you have accepted them

Very Best Regards

Paul Norman.  October 2021

www.RacingVincent.co.uk and www.RacingNorton.co.uk