BTH KD1/ Lucas Mag/Dyno and Other Norton Single Electrical Parts

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The BTH KD1 Competition magneto was the standard fitment to competition Norton Internationals and SOHC Manx Nortons. The competition versions (identified by a brass plate on its side reading either 'TT Magneto' or 'Dirt Track Magneto' and having the icompetition designate in its serial number) were fitted with platinum points and a manual advance/retard mechanism with a 3 screw inspection cover. I can supply most parts to fit this magneto and also occasionaly I have second hand parts as well. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the prices quoted in this section - particularly for small stainless steel screws may seem expensive compared to other commercially available nuts and bolts. Please bear in mind that this is because they are being made specially in small batch's for this magneto. Unfortunately the machinist charges for the number of machining operations - not the size of the screw!!

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