SOHC (and pre-war OHV/SV) Jet Holder Nut - Copper Washer (Each)

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Copper washer that fits behind Bigend jet holder nut on SOHC and pre-war OHV/SV Norton singles and similar racing SOHC cambox' oil feed nuts. Price is each.

We source these washers specially, from a top quality hydraulic parts supplier (hence the price is more expensive than most mass produced copper washers)- because they have the correct fit for the (imperial) thread Bigend/Cambox jet holder and nut - but are not as wide as most other copper washers and are also the correct thickness. 

The outer diameter is important as the counterbor face on Norton SOHC timing covers is not very big, therefore most other copper washers are too wide and foul the cover.  These are just right - and the ones I use on my bikes, so are worth paying more for.

The BigEnd jet holder used on SOHC models was also used on pre-war OHV and Sidevalve Norton models (although normally with a round headed nut, rather than the hex nut) - but these models also use the same type of copper washer#

Note: this item is for copper washer only - all other items shown in accompanying photos are sold seperately



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