SOHC All Models - Mainshaft Drive Side Shim - Various Sizes (Each)

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Essential when rebuilding your engine to ensure that the conrod sits central in the crankcase and that the roller bearing inner cage on the drive side does not have excess play on the crankshaft. These mainshaft shims fit between the drive side main bearing and the flywheel

This is for a single shim in one of the following sizes:

0.5mm/0.3mm/0.2mm/0.1mm/0.05mmNote - shim steel is now supplied in metric thicknesses, but these are offered in the nearest equivelant to the old Imperial sizes that were commonly used - i.e.

- 0.5mm = 0.021" or 21 thou (for some reason the actual thickness is 0.53mm which = 21 thou) 

- 0.3mm = 0.012" or 12 thou

- 0.2mm = 0.008" or 8 thou

- 0.1mm = 0.004" or 4 thou

- 0.05mm = 0.002" or 2 thou

It is common practice to measure float with no shims fitted, then add one or multiple shims to reach the desired final endfloat, measuring each time shims are added or subtracted  



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