Bottom Bevel Housing Shim - DOHC Coarse Bevel Type: Single Shim - Various Sizes (Each)

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This is for a single lower bevel shim of the type fitted to later DOHC type housings that are fitted with 'coarse' bevel gears - these having a larger central hole than SOHC and early DOHC engines.

Essential when rebuilding your engine to ensure that the lower vertical bevel gear has the correct backlash and position in relation to the crankshaft bevel gear, these lower bevel shims fit between the timing case housing and the lower bevel housing - Fitted in conjunction with the timing case shim, the ideal positioning is acheved when the gears are in line and there is a just perceptable gap (backlash) between teeth.

We also sell the more normal SOHC lower bevel housing shim (fitted from 1930 to the mid 1950's to all SOHC engines and early longstroke DOHC engines, but later DOHC Manx Norton engines used coarse bevel gears and had a housing with a larger hole.  These shims have that larger hole - this being a fraction larger than  51mm.

It was also not unheard of for earlier SOHC or DOHC crankcases to be modified to fit a later 'coarse bevel' housing, indeed it was for this reason that we originally had these shims made - I found a housing to fit an original SOHC Manx enginethat had been modified to take this larger hole.

If you are not sure what type of lower bevel housing you need - you can email us on for more detail.

We can supply this shim type in the following thicknesses (please state which thickness you require when placing your order:

This listing is for a single shim which we can supply in the following 4 sizes :

0.5mm//0.3mm0.2mm/0.1mm/0.05mmNote - shim steel is now supplied in metric thicknesses, but these are offered in the nearest equivelant to the old Imperial sizes that were commonly used - i.e.

0.5mm = 0.021" or 21 thou (for some reason the actual thickness is 0.53mm which = 21 thou) 

- 0.3mm = 0,012" or 12 thou 

- 0.2mm = 0.008" or 8 thou

- 0.1mm = 0.004" or 4 thou

- 0.05mm = 0.002" or 2 thou (but see note below for these)

Put a note stating which size you require when placing the online order.  We also sell complete sets of 5 shims (see listing 0326B)

Note: We also have a limited stock of 3 thou/0.05mm shims of this type, but as we can longer obtain them in this thickness - we also sell them with the SOHC lower shim sets, and stocks may be limited of this size.


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