DOHC (0.5" OD) Jet Holder Nut - Copper Washer (Each)

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Similar to our 0083c Copper washer that fits behind the normal SOHC Bigend jet holder nut, this version of the copper washer performs the same purpose for the larger diameter DOHC Jet Holder nut, which has a 0.5" internal diameter. 

Price is each

Like the normal SOHC Bigend Jet Holder Nut, the larger diameter DOHC Jet Holder Nut (Item 0082_3) requires a vey slim copper washer behind it, otherwise it will foul the timing cover casting.  However, after searching a number of sources I was unable to find a suitable washer with the correct internal diameter - therefore was forced to make up a little jig (as shown in the photo) so that I could take a proprietary annealed hydraulic washer, mount it in the jig and then bore it on a lathe.

This is a painful and timely process (with a number of the washers being scrapped!) . . . but at least it is the correct type washer for the 0083_3 if you require one - hence why they are more expensive than normal washers!



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