SOHC Model 30M 500cc (Longstroke SOHC Manx type) Inlet and Exhaust Cam

SOHC Model 30M 500cc (Longstroke SOHC Manx type) Inlet and Exhaust Cam

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Inlet and Exhaust cam to fit 500cc SOHC engine - with same profile as original 500cc M30/Longstroke Manx Profile 

These cams are to the original Norton SOHC 30M 115.87 and 115.88 (i.e Longstroke Manx) profile.  Although being originally fitted to racing SOHC engines, a number of customers also like to fit them to their roadgoing engines - and I have used this profile for both methanol race engine and on the road - being just a bit more extreme in their lift profile than the original road-going 500 International profile cams we also sell (those being item 0052).

These are suitable for both road and racing 500cc Internationals (i.e. Model 30M, SOHC Manx and Model 30) machines.  

September 2019:  Pleased to say we have just had a new batch of these come in, made by our original manufacturer of many years and they look as nice as previously - I have had a set of these in my original 38 Racing Inter for many years.  And price is the same as it was in 2014.


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