SOHC Cam Rocker Outer Bearing Set

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Cambox rocker outer bearing assembly, consisting of one phospher bronze bearing cage, one outer bearing, 2 hardened side washers and 12 rollers. Background : If you are lucky enough to find a cambox, or rocker arms for the engine you are restoring, chances are you will find that the rocker bearings are seized or badly worn and probably that the rocker pin is badly pitted or marked. I was able to offer the Rocker Pins some time ago (identical in construction to the originals), but I have now had the remaining parts manufactured, the construction and layout (using small individual rollers in a bronze cage) being just as per the original. What may be a suprise though, is that the original Imperial rollers used by Norton's have been obsolete for some time and are now virtually unobtainable. Because of this I have had the outer bearing made in a fractionally different size to take account of now having to use equivelant modern metric rollers (which are about 2 thou different in diameter from the imperial versions). Because of this I have also had to have the phoshper bronze roller cages made to similar dimensions to accept the marginally different circumferential axis of these rollers, surrounding the Rocker pin (hope that makes sense!). Please note though - the Rocker Pin has been made exactly the same as an original, so it is interchangeable with original rocker assemblies if you only want to fit a new Rocker Pin. This new bearing assembly, although employing metric dimesions, is matched to that imperial Rocker Pin, so they are a matched set and interchangeable with original Norton Rocker Pins.

Important Note:  I definitely recommend taking up our Honing service with these rocker bearings.  The outer cage of the bearing has to be pressed into the rocker arm (which is best done with a press jig in a flypress - which we use) . . . but after this process is complete it is not uncommon to find the bearing once assembled is not easily free running - that is why originally these outer bearing faces were always honed after fitting.  As an example - I always carry out this honing process on my own rocker arms after fitting new bearings - the difference being that rather a rocker arm needing a push to move it, once honed it will wobble by itself! . . . imagine the amount of power sap that equates to at 5000rpm!  We offer this honing service as well - see Item Listing 0059e

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