Cambox Bearing - SOHC Camshaft Front Ball Bearing : RHP Brand

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- Single row ball bearing. Fitted to all SOHC engines, both International and early Manx. 

These are high quality RHP bearings.  Orginally fitment for this bearing would have been 'C3' looser fit bearings - but those are now unobtainable, these are the 'standard' fit type, but this should not really make a great deal of difference on this bearing - just give it a little more time to run in after fitting.  Far better to fit good quality RHP bearings - than an inferior quality non UK bearing.

Note:  It us not unusual when stripping both SOHC and DOHC Manx Norton engines (i.e. racing engines) to find a slot ground into the outer race of this bearing, approximately 1/16" deep.  Then when fitting the 3 screw plate over this bearing on assembly - a screwdriver used to punch an indent on the bearing plate that corresponds with this slot.  This is done to make sure there is no chance of the bearing spinning in the housing.  Although I cannot advocate this being good engineering practice . . . I know I do it on all my engines built for racing!- also on main bearings (if you do do it - make sure you cover bearing with cling film or similar first, so nothing gets in bearing).  

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