1928 - 1937 Type - OHV/CS1 - Longer Type - Rocker Arm Pad Tappet Adjuster/Nut - (2 Parts)

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This Flat Bottomed Rocker Adjuster and Tapered Locknut are a slightly longer version of the 9163 (Std length) adjuster fitted to early SOHC engines and most OHV models up to 1937.  We modellecd this 5mm longer version on an original adjuster - that may have been modified, as at least one customer has requested a longer type. 

Price is for a single adjuster and locknut (i.e. 2 parts)

At the same time as manufacturing the 'standard length' 9163 - Our Item 1121, one customer that had been helping us with original patterns had requested a longer type of adjuster, to fit his early 1930's OHV engine - which had a longer original adjuster fitted, see accompanyning photo.  As you can see, this adjuster had a longer head than the more common version.  Although there is a small chance this was original Norton - it is probable it is actually an original standard version that had had its head built up later in life.  Regardless - for whatever reason, the engine this adjuster came from required a longer adjuster than the normal 9163 type, to give the correct tappet adjustment.

Therefore, we have made a small batch of this longer version of the 9163 type adjuster, in case other customers also require a longer version.  As you will see, for our longer versions - we have replicated the original 9163 design - but the length of the thread on this longer version is 5mm longer than standard.  Othen than that, all dimensions are as per our item 1121 (Std 9163 type) - so before purchasing this type - also read the background information for that item as well.

The locknut supplied with this adjuster is the same stainless steel tapered locknut as the standard 9163 adjuster.

Thread for this adjuster is also the same as the standard version - 9/32" x 26tpii BSC

Final note October 2022: we have only made a small batch of these longer versions - as we are not sure what demand there will be for them, so please bear this in mind - stocks of this type are limited

Email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you require more information on this item, and please also read the full description against Item 1121 as well.

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