Square Section (HD type) Clutch Springs to fit Std / Some M30 Clutchs: 1.820" Length - Set of 3

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Set of 3 HD/racing type 'square section' clutch springs - these being of 1.810" length, as fitted to many roadgoing Norton clutch's and some racing clutch's - read listing below for more detail. Price is for a Pack of 3

This listing is for a set of 3 clutch springs of 1.820" overall length of 'square section' coil, which were of the stronger design commonly fitted to DOHC Manx Nortons in the 1950's/60's.  The square section type spring has a bigger surface area across its X-section than normal round springs, for a given coil diameter, and are therefore stronger in comparision to the same length round springs fitted to standard models.

If a roadgoing Norton clutch is well setup and adjusted (and ditto the gearbox - particularly to ensure the thrust washer is not worn), then arguably a Norton clutch does not need stronger springs than the standard springs . . . but as many people report, this is often not the case, particularly if using old or tired clutch plates, and often there can be slipping or drag.  Therefore, fitting stronger clutch springs such as this racing type is a desirable mod.  Likewise, if you have a sidecar fitted or sometimes give the clutch abuse - these may help.

The racing clutch used one less clutch plate than the roadgoing clutch (4 plain plates rather than 5).  For these clutch's we also offer Item 0387, which are square springs with a 1.640" spring length.  However if you have a racing clutch - it is worth checking the length before ordering as I believe some early racing clutch's used different cup/bolt length to later DOHC clutch - and the spring length may be closer to this type than the 0387 type.

Clutch Spring Length:  These clutch springs are 1.820" length.  It is difficult to be definitive about what the 'standard' length of 1930's-1960's Norton standard roadgoing clutch's was - I have stripped many clutch's down over the years and often the length can vary, but I have found a range of between 1.730" to 1.840" to be most common.  The length of these springs is somewhere within the upper end of this range, therefore should be suitable for most roadgoing clutchs - however, we recommend you measure your old springs first if you are unsure, to satisfy yourself beforehand.  Email us at sales@racingvincent.co.uk if unsure. 

It is also worth noting that there were various lengths of cups and clutch bolts (both male and female) - again, another reason to check the length.  I believe

These clutch springs are manufactured in the UK by a top quality specialist spring manufacturer to our specification.  This square section spring is now very diffcult to obtain, so this is an item we are very pleased to offer

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