Bolt to fit Exhaust Valve Lifter Arm or Gearbox Clutch Arm (Reduced Head Type) - Stainless Steel

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This is the distinctive bolt that was fitted to both Norton gearbox clutch pull arms and exhaust lifter arms.

Its shape and dimensions are specific to these exhaust lifter and gearbox arms, because the bolt head has a 'reduced hex' so it does not foul the casting when adjusting in use.  Its head also had a slightly convex base, to fit corresponding countersink in the arm castings.

These bolts are often chewed on original motorcycles, because they are were both arms that were often adjusted . . . and sometimes not with a good quality spanner! They were of the type fitted to all exhaust lifter arms (SOHC and OHV/SV models) as well as upright and laydown Norton gearbox clutch worm arms.

These bolts are CNC manufactured in stainless steel and as well as looking nice, will make adjustment of clutch or exhaust lifter much easier if your original is worn.  As the correct imperial spanner hex size is now getting increasingly difficult to find - we also mill the head on these bolts - giving a nice crisp finish

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(note July 2020: We have offered this bolt for some time when purchasing our cast exhaust lifter arm.  As we have have had new batch's of these recently made - we had a larger batch of bolts made so we could offer that seperately if you already have the arm, but your original bolt is chewed)

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