Pilot Needle to fit Original Amal TT and RN Carbs - Later (Long Knurl) Post War Type (Each)

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High quality Pilot Needle to fit original Amal TT and RN carburettors.  These tapered needles control the slow running and are often worn on originals. This is the later type most often seen fitted from late 1940s onwards - identifiable by a long knurl and screwdriver slot. See listing for more detail.

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These Pilot Needles were fitted to all Amal TT and RN competition carburettors, to adjust slow running.  They have a stepped, tapered needle that should close fully the small pilot hole in the body of the carubrettor needle, when fully screwed clockwise.  Original needles most often have some form of wear to the taper of the needle, and as this type of carburettor is already difficult to adjust to run cleanly at low throttle settings - a worn needle will easily compound those issues.

We manufacture these needles to the original design, and an original Amal TT needle was used as the template.  The main knurled body has the same dimensions as the original, and most importantly - the needle length protrudes into the carb the same as the original needle.

The body type on this pilot needle is CNC manufactured from brass, as per the original Amal items, then Satin Nickel plated.  It has a fine knurl, as well as a screwdriver slot, allowing for fine adjustment, either by hand, or by screwdriver.  Note - this design was the later Amal TT/RN design for this type of carburettor - I cannot be sure, but believe it replaced the earlier dessign sometime in the late 1940's.

Update 2022:  Note, we can now also offer the earlier 'small design' pilot needle, which to our knowledge has not been available since Amal themselves changed the design in the late 1940's, this earlier design was fitted on all pre-war carbs - see our Item 1115

We also offer the longer needle type to fit later Amal GP carburettors - item 0293.

these pilot adjusters control the slow running, and the needle often wears on originals, that can affect the adjustment available - fitting a new needle will help resolve this.  Note - we also offer the brass pilot housing that screws into the carb body as well as both springs fitted to this adjuster - the internal coil spring as well as the external leaf spring - Items 0155, 0156 and 0157 respectively, all UK manufactured.


Pilot Needle Assembly With Springs:  It is rare to find an origina Amal TT or RN carburettor these days that is still fitted with the correct and full Pilot Needle Assembly.  Originally the design consisteed of a brass threaded piece that screwed into the carb body, which had a special black stained spring clip mounted behind it.  The purpose of this spring clip was to act against the knurl of the Pilot Needle (both the early short type and the later long knurl type), and stop it rotating once set.  Often these seemed to have been removed (they can sometimes make adjustement more fiddly - but are required!), or got rusty and broke.  We can also supply these - Our Item 0157. 

However, the original Pilot Needle assembly was also designed to have a small coil spring fitted inside the brass threaded piece, which fitted around the shaft of the Pilot Needle, and helped apply some positive pressure to the needle when adjusting it.  These are frequuently lost or omitted on TT and RN carbs today.  Again we supply this spring - Our Item 0156.  Both springs are copied directly from original examples.

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