TT/RN Carb - Brass Pilot Needle Insert

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- Brass pilot needle insert to fit in both original Amal TT, RN and GP competition carbs (all types) - these screw into the carburettor body, then the Pilot Adjuster Needle Screw screws into this brass insert. 

Price is each.

These are used to hold and allow adjustment of the Pilot Adjuster Needles (our Items 0154 or 1115 for the Amal TT or RN type carbs, or Item 0293 for GP Carbs).  They screw into the main body of the carburettor on a small coarse thread, but then have a very fine thread on their outer diameter, that allows for very fine adjustment. 

They have a small slotted (milled) end, that allows a wide screwdriver to screw to screw them into the carb body - however, it is not unusual for the very fine thread to get damaged over the years, or people try and unscrew them with a screwdriver that is not wide enough, and only makes contact with the slot on one side - almost always damaging the very fine thread.  If this occurs, the consequence is normally that the Pilot Adjuster will not turn easily, or even lock up completely - making it useless.

Therefore when fitting or removing this item from your carb body - always use the correct screwdriver tool - I often get a scrap piece of flat steel plate just thick enough to fit in the slot but wide enough to make contact on both sides - also lightly grease thread for best results.

By the way - there was normally a small coil spring fitted into the recess of this insert (our Item 0156), but you will often find this missing - it is better for it to be fitted.  Additionally there was a leaf spring (that made contact with the knurl on the Pilot Adjuster - Our Item 0157), they should also be fitted and fit on the back shoulder of the brass insert.

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