Throttle Needles to fit Original Amal TT Carburetters (Each)

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These are excellent quality throttle needles to fit original Amal TT Carburetters. 

These have the correct dimensions of the original TT type throttle needle. Price is each.

Fitting and Tuning:  We offer a facsimile document (in the same section), that provides copies of original period Amal tuning tips - which lists the order for tuning an Amal TT racing carburettor, which includes adjustment of the throttle needle.

Note - if running a competition motorcycle on alchohol or methanol, fitted with an Amal TT carburettor, you may require a special Alchohol needle which is thinner at its tapered end than the 'normal TT type' shown here.  Although we do not supply the alchohol type, we can provide dimensions on request - but normally that type of needle is only required if running a more extreme state of tune, often this can be compensated for with the normal needle on methanol, by raising the needle to it's highest setting (I use one on my 1938 short circuit Racing Inter on methanol).

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