TT (and RN) Carburettor Washer Kit

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- Full washer kit to fit original Amal TT and RN carburettors 

This set consists of flange brown paper washer (generic diameter), two washers for jet block body (the black and smaller fibre washer) and 4 washers to fit the banjo's used on TT and Amal RN carbs.

Note; some TT carbs do not require all 4 of the larger banjo washers - but our kits come with four, so they will fit those carbs using a seperate banjo on the floatchamber, as well as the banjo of the float fitting to the main carb body jet holder.

(note dependent on batch, sometimes the banjo washers are all four of the same type, while other kits have two sets of 2 slightly different washers - but for both types the banjo washers are high quality and all fit the banjo seal exactly), see first and second photos.

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