Pilot Needle Leaf Spring - to fit Amal TT/RN/GP Carb

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Distinctive leaf spring that fits against Knurled pilot needle on Amal TT, RN and GP carburettors

These leaf springs fit both the early pre-war and later 'straight knurl' type pilot jets (which we also sell - Item 0154 for TT and RN carbs, Item 0293 for GP carbs) and ensure they do not come loose or change adjustment in competition through vibration.  Originals are often missing or in poor condition.  These have ben specially made by us in spring steel and identical to the original pattern.

In the accompanying photographs you can see two Amal RN carburettors (long neck versions as originally fitted to Manx Nortons) - the carb on the left is fitted with the earlier (pre-war style) pilot adjuster and the carb on teh right shows the later 'straight knurl' type adjuster fitted to later TT/RN carbs and GP carbls . . . all are fitted with the spring sold here.

We keep these sprayed in Duck Oil to prevent rusting in storage

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