1920's - 1930's Style - Small Type Sports Bike/Racing Bike Bum Cushion Pad (Steel Bottom)

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This is a high quality reproduction of the small type of bum pad/rear mudguar squab, commonly fitted to 1920's to 1930's sports and racing bikes.  It is smaller than a typical 'Pillion' pad of that era, but would provide extra comfort for a solo rider, as well as giving a very period sports bike look. 

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These come to us from a specialist UK based seat manufacturer - however, I believe that they actually have the bum pads manufactured offshore - and this is reflected by the very reasonable price these are offered at. But please do not be misled by that - we believe the quality of material and manufacture is as good as any we have seen made in the UK.  The black vinyl looks excelent quality and the stitching is neat and even.

Although I have not fitted one ot one of my own bikes yet - they look so nice I am trying to think of a project to put one on!

These bum pad/squabs have a solid curved plate underframe, with two central mount thread holes (approx 160mm apart - see photo) - so they can be mounted to the centre line of any width mudguard - although I would suggest suggest if fitting them to narrow 1920's style mudguards, you might want to also glue a small amount of heavy sponge rubber under each side, to hide any obvious gap. 

The vital dimensions are as follows:

- Length of main rectangle of pad:                  250mm

- Width of main rectangle of pad:                   130mm

-  Length between central ounting holes of the steel frame:  160mm

- Height on shallow end (edge of frame to centre of sponge at top):        50mm

- Height at deeper end  (edge of frame to centre of sponge at top):        80mm




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