Norton 30M (SOHC Manx) 21" Steel Racing Front Mudguard

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Steel narrow front racing/sports mudguard - of type originally fitted  to Norton SOHC Manx style racing mudguard - 3 7/8" wide, correct radius for 3.00 x 21" front tyres.

I have these steel front mudguards specially made, which have the correct radius for use with 21" rims, using 3.00 x 21" tyres (Avon Speedmaster or similar) - These mudguards are 3 and 7/8" width with a 14.5" radius (taken from the wheel spindle centre to the top of the 'C' section, and are 33.5" in length - They are the ideal mudguard for fitting to Racing Internationals and SOHC Manx models, having that slim sporting look. I would advise fitting a strengthening rib of steel (approx 1" wide) on their underside if using the correct rear stand, to strengthen them. Norton's even did this with their steel items pre-war - Sorry these are not cheap, but I searched everywhere to find this profile and could not - so now I have small batch's specially manufactured for RacingVincent (normal 21" mudguards are to fit trials bikes and do not look right at all).

Note: as always post these mudguards seperately from the main order (to protect from damage). Packing is normally a bit extra from a normal order because of the amount of bubble wrap required + the Royal Mail postage amount which we will confirm to you before payment

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