Bolthru Manx/Racing International 'Top Hat' Type Petrol Tank Top Rubber + 1950 Oil Tank (Each)

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This is the distinctive Top Hat shaped rubber used on the top of Manx and Racing International Bolt-thru petrol tanks - Its head is the correct diameter to fit within the dished washer (A2/277 - our Item 0123). Four required per petrol tank - Price is per each.

Price is each

Norton introduced the 'Bolt Thru' style of Manx Norton petrol tank for the postwar racing models (i.e. 46-47), as well as some Clubmans tanks, although they may have experimented with them just pre-War as well, and Works bike used this method of securing the tank.  The petrol tanks had tubes running all the way vertically through them, and then recesses at the top to hold 4 of these smaller Top Hat rubbers and holes under the tank to push in four of the larger Top Hat type rubbers (our Item 0132).

Through the centre then ran 5/16" steel rods - threaded at both ends, and with chamfered ends, with acorn nuts at the top (our Item 0125) and two 5/16" nuts under the frame tank supports which could be adjusted until the right tension was obtained, then locked together.

Lipped washers (our Item 0123) are then used both at the top of the tank (they slide over the smaller Top Hat rubbers) and underneath the tank bracket to support the whole assembly.  

We have had the moulds made for these bottom rubbers, copied from original Norton items and they are made for us by a specialist rubber manufacturer from high quality oil resistent nitrile rubber of just the right density.

As well as fitting in the tanks nicely - our stainless steel lipped washers fit over these washers lovely, and when used in conjunction with our stainless steel acorn nuts - they really look the business, and finish off any Manx Norton petrol tank restoration.  In the photo is a picture of these fitted to one of my own original Manx Norton bolt thru tanks - in this case a scolloped/soldered Manx tank, fitted to my 1938 Big Plunger Manx.

1950 Manx Norton alloy oil tank and Beart Oil tanks:  This same (smaller) top hat rubber was also used on the alloy wrapround oil tank fitted to Manx Norton's in 1949-50.  The assembly and fitting was similar to the Manx petrol tank - except this small type top hat rubber was used both top and bottom, therefore 4 rubbers were used in total.  Although not shown in the photos, I have one of those oil tanks and it still has the perished remains of this type of rubber in situ!  Additionally - Francis Beart also offered an alloy oil tank in very small numbers (see photograph of the one I have fitted to my 1938 Manx), and these rubbers also fit that tank, as per the 1950 Norton version.

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