Circular RN Throttle Needle Clip - to fit original Amal RN Carbs (Original Design) - Each

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This is the distinctive lipped circular spring that was used on original Amal Remote Needle (RN) competition carbs to hold the throttle needle to the side bar attached to the throttle slide on Amal RN carbs.  This spring was circular, so that it would fit into the circular shaped Remote Needle part of the carb casting.  Our clips are identical to the original design, and an original spring was used as a pattern.  Price is each - see detail listing for more information

It is worth saying first - that the original spring design as shown here is now extremely rare and difficult to find . . . most original Amal RN carbs I have stripped over the years have this spring missing - and I have seen all kinds of different replacements used to substitute for them - even just lockwire wrapped around the needle and slot. It is also not uncommon to find the later TT/Monoblock throttle needle clip used - by clipping the ends of it - but this often damages the spring and often they can foul the sides of the throttle needle housing - so this is definitely not good practice.

 Our spring whas been manufatured just as the original design using spring steel - using an original Amal RN needle spring as the template - and the dimensions and design are identical - including the slight lip (for which we had special tooling made).  This means the needle can be easily held in the slit of the special RN Needle bar (which sits on the side of Amal RN slides), and the needle position easily changed, just be lifting the slide so this slot sits proud of the carb body.

As you can see - this design was specific to this type of carburettor, so once fitted it would allow the needle position to be quickly amended, but would not foul the sidewall 

Defintitely not as cheap as the 'normal' Amal style of Throttle Needle Clip (our Item 0148) - but hopefully you will appreciate why, as we needed to account for the tooling costs to manufacture this rare and unusual spring

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