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Throttle Needle to fit original Amal RN (Remote Needle) Carburettors (i.e T10RN and 10RN9 types)

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These throttle needles are similar in appearance to the TT carburettor type - but actually, the correct RN needle is unique to that carburettor type, and are shorter than the TT version (as a footnote to this, amongst my collection of original RN carbs - I had found a number of them had been fitted with the incorrect needle type!).

These needles are high quality UK manufactured with the correct length and taper dimensions, see photograph comparision with an original Amal RN throttle needle. 

If you have an RN carburettor, but are unsure if you have the correct RN needle fitted - email us on for further details.

Manufacturing Update Dec 2022:  We have both the TT and RN type needles manufadured for us by a UK specialist carburettor parts manufacturer.  However, as with so many other manufacturers, in recent times - getting new small batches made has been difficult.  Such was the case with this latest batch of 'RN' needles, and we were not able to meet the required minimum batch quantity.  Luckily we had just had a larger batch of TT needles completed - and as these are a longer version of the RN needle - we were able to have a number of those needles modified to 'RN' needle dimensions. 

Because of this  - although overall dimensions are the same as original RN needles - these needles have one additional groove at the top that should not be used . . . the top of the needle and the top groove are painted red (to signify this).  The original RN needle had 7 grooves - and these needles have those 7 same grooves in the same position (see accompanyning picture of our needle next to an original Amal RN needle).  If you are setting up your RN carb and experimenting with diffierent with different needle settings (it is normal practice to start with the middle groove position - then move up or down if required) - if you drop the needle to the lowest position of the 7 available  . . . - the red top of the needle should protrude from the top of the special RN throttle needle holder - as shown in the photograph of our needle fitted to the slide.  Please ensure you understand this before ordering - and email us if you require more detail.  


Amal RN Carburettor Background:  The Amal 'Remote Needle' RN carburettor was developed in the late 1930's - as an early attempt to improve the normal Amal competition 'TT type, for outright top speed running.  With this in mind, it was normally fitted to pure competition and TT/GP motorcycles - particularly pre and post war Manx (magnesium crankcase) Norton models - which were normally fitted with the 'Long Neck' RN version. 

As the name implies, the 'Remote Needle' models had their throttle needles moved from the normal position (i.e. TT carb) in the middle of the throttle slide/choke area, to a seperate cavity at the side of the carb body, and the main and pilot jets moved correspondingly, so they were still situated beneath the throttle needle, but provided a more direct route for fuel into the engine (Later GP carb design learnt from this early design, and the needle was moved back into the main choke area - but to one side and the fuel delivery came into that choke area at an angle - a more direct route than the RN design). 

Because of its unique design - the RN carburettor has many parts that are not interchangeable with other models - and because it was only originally fitted to pure competition models - these carbs and the correct RN parts are now generally very difficult to find - or even identify when searching through boxes of old parts!   As well as the RN throttle needle shown here, there was also a RN unique throttle spring, Throttle slide (similar to the TT, but with the addition of a special side bar for holding the throttle needel remotely), different pilot jets (shorter than TT Pilot jets), alloy plug and 'prayer book' spring to block off the throttle needle casting cavity at the top, and RN main throttle body cap and ring.  All these special 'RN' unique parts are available from our Remote Needle Carburettor parts section

Update Nov 2022 - we have now manufactured the special Throttle Needle spring fitted to retain this needle in RN carbs - see Item 1138. 

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