Norton 1937-38 Spare Parts List : All Single Cylinder Models - A4 Facsimile

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This is a high quality facsimile of the original Norton 1937 Spare Parts Catalog, but printed in A4 format.

We print these pre-war catalogs in larger format as they did not use 'Exploded' diagrams - therefore A4 format makes the pictures much easier to see.  All else as per original. 

As with all the facsimile catalogs we produce, much effort has been taken to remove any defects from the original copy - i.e. smudge marks, finger prints etc, and as you can see from the photographs, the overall yellow fading that is prevelent in most original pre-war catalogs has been removed - resulting in a high quality reproduction with all the original parts numbers, artwork and descriptions easily legible.

However, while the original Spare Parts Catalogs were printed in an approximate A5 format (i.e. 8 3/4" tall by 5 3/4" wide) format, we produce these facsimile's in A4 format (i.e. 11 3/4" tall by 8 1/4" wide).  We do this because pre-war catalogs had not started to use the now common concept of an 'exploded' diagram.  Instead every item was shown as a very small picture on its own (see pictures listed with this item to see what we mean).  We have found that from a restorer's perspective - enlarging these diagrams to A4 format makes them much clearer to identify than looking at the picture in the original format with a magnifying glass!

It is printed on high quality 100gm branded Xerox paper/card on a commercial quality printer. The cover is card, of similar quality to the original - with the colour also similar to the original year, as you can see in the photo's the original cover has badly faded.

Original Pre-War Norton Spare parts list are now very rare, but are extremely useful to the Norton restorer (for all Norton singles in the model range for that year), as it allows you to get a good indication of what part variations were fitted that year, and compare to similar catalogs from other years

Note: many of the parts listed pre-war (i.e. for SOHC and OHV/SV models) carried forward into the post-war period and can be seen listed in the 1948 Spare Parts Catalog - which we have always used as our default catalog for part numbers.  As a rule, if a part carried through into the postwar period, we will give it its postwar designate (i.e. A11/142) in our part number description, but if only manufactured pre-war we will normally give it its 4 digit pre-war part number (i.e. 9644)

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