Chinpad (Black Dense Sorbo Foam)

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This is a black Sorbo (hard foam\rubber like material) petrol tank chinpad, of the type seen fitted in many period photographs, and is ideal for fitting to Norton International and Manx petrol tanks which are fitted with chinpad fittings. I spent a long time hunting down a supplier of the correct 'look and feel' material, which is a dense black like rubber\material of one inch depth. The pads are cut to a suitable length and width for Norton chinpad petrol tanks, and as a final touch after cutting, the chinpads are linished to clean up the cut sides and radius each corner. I use the same black foam chinpad and straps on my own Big Plunger Manx Norton. To make the individual straps, cut 2 suitable lengths, then feed each end through the eyes of the chinpad tabs and then double back enough material to allow each end to be glued together using a suitable contact adhesive - I use Evo Stick 501. I allowed for an approximate 4" area of rubber on each end to be glued together, to ensure when attached to the tank they would not pull loose. The finished straps look just right with the chinpads clips and the sponge chinpad - see the photo of my own pre-war Manx that uses these straps.

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