Norton Upright Gearbox: Main Gearbox Shell/Gearbox Cover Gasket: 1932(ish) - 1952

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This is the main gasket that fits between the gearbox shell and gearbox covers on upright Norton gearbox's. It fits all 4 speed upright types from early 1930's, through to the last one fitted in 1952 (ish). We used to get so many requests for this gasket that we have had the patterns made and manufactured for us by a specialist UK gasket manufacturer. 

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In the photograph the gasket is shown fitted to a pre-war Manx type 'Dolls Head' gearbox cover - but this gasket will the fit between the gearbox shell and gearbox cover on all 'Upright' type gearbox's - both pre-war 'Dolls Head' type gearbox's and the two later post-war road upright gearobox designs that followed post war up to approximately 1951-52 (and note the postwar road going types used the same gasket for the 'inner face' between shell and inner cover - but normally those  pre-52 postwar covers did not have a gasket fitted between the inner and outer covers, as they were normally only covering the selector mechanism that was encased in grease).

I believe these gaskets will also fit the last Sturmey Archer type Norton gearboxs (i.e. 1932/33), but may not fit earlier Sturmey types

These gaskets are made to the original pattern (we had those gasket patterns made for us), from a high quality gasket seal material, by a specialist UK gasket manufacturer

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