Norton Upright Gearbox - Gearlever Lubricating Bolt (SS) and Pan Washer (Pair)

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This is the distinctive bolt fitted to the gear lever spline on all Norton upright gearbox's.  This bolt was drilled through the centre to allow greasing of the seperate positive stop mechanism - a feature of all Norton upright gearboxs (even the post war upright gearbox with a 'combined' outer cover had the positive stop mechanism mounted away from the oil feed).  They also served the purpose of holding the 'gear position' indicator (see item No.0273b which we also sell).

These original 'greasing' bolts had a distinctive machined/relieved face and drilled centre.  Not surprisingly they are now very hard to find, particularly as the hex shoulders were also quite shallow, so were easy to chew.  For this reason it is extremely difficult to find an original Norton version of this bolt and many restorations are missing this important part  This particular item was copied from a good original bolt (see photographs of Manx upright gearbox cover in this listing and you will see an original bolt next to our stainless steel version - all dimensions are the same - the only real difference is the machining finish of our bolts is much better than the original Norton item!).

These bolts are CNC manufactured by us in stainless steel, and if we say so ourselves are very pretty and of high quality - being such a visible bolt they add the finishing touch to your Norton restoration. 

Because the bolt also serves the purpose of retaining the gear indicator, we also include a wide pan washer with every bolt (sorry - but the washer is plated steel, we cannot get wide pan stainless washers).

Note - this bolt was fitted to all Norton models - SV/OHV/SOHC


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