Norton Upright Gearbox - Cam Plate or Quadrant Spindle Washer - Pack of Three

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Norton Upright Gearbox - Cam Plate or Quadrant Spindle Washer - Pack of Three:  these are the special, thick/wide pan washers used to secure the gearbox quadrant and lever arms/positive stop mechanism on all Norton upright gearbox's (1933 type onwards).

They are also used on the main gearbox quadrant and lever arm on later Norton laydown gearboxs's (although only two washers are required on this later type gearbox, as this type of gearbox has a built in positive stop mechanism).

These washers are thicker and wider than most commercially available washers - and have identical dimensions to the original Norton items, as can be seen in the first photograph, where our stainless washers are fitted to an original Norton upright gearbox, and the original thick Norton washers are shown above the new washers.

There are 3 of these per gearbox - two on the main gearbox shell, one of which retains the main gearchange quadrant (shown in photograph) and the other two retain the two quadrant/ratchet levers.  Therefore these are sold in a pack of three. .

The reason it is important to use these correct thick washers, is that they ensure there is no loosening and therefore sideplay of the gearchange levers and quadrant - which gives best chance of clean gearchange.  These wide washers fully cover the spline and lever as per the originals    

Hint and tips: If you are experiencing loose or vague gearchanges with your upright Norton gearbox, here are the more obvious things to check:

- Clevis pins or holes on the gearchange quadrant/ratchet levers are worn.  We sell new clevis pins (see seperate listings)

- Gearchange positive stop plain  bearings are worn or loose - there are two of these in the top of the front gearbox plate one at the back and one at the front they often come loose or get worn - they normally need replacing (I will be offering these shortly)

- These thick washers have been omitted or the bolts are loose and the gearchange levers wobble around.

(Note:  If you have shopped on this catalog in the past you may have noticed we used to have to get this washer lasercut and then plate them.  We have now been able to obtain them in stainless steel and to the correct Norton dimensions from one of our fastener supplirs.  The last photograph shows the older type of washer against the selector plate - just to show the spline that the washer covers)

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