Norton Gearbox Endplate Nuts (Stainless Steel) - Pre-War Upright (and later Laydown) Gearbox

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- These are the distinctive Norton gearbox nuts as fitted to the endplate of all upright Pre-War Norton models and pre-Featherbed Manx models.

Seven of these are used to fit the pre-war Norton gearbox covers and are very distinctive, the shoulder fitting into the recess on the cover and the head and a slightly curved head

They are also fitte at the base of laydown style (pre-AMC) gearboxs (I think 3 are fitted here).

These nuts are CNC manufactured by us to exactly the same dimensions as the original Norton items, except they are made in Stainless Steel - They look very pretty and will transform the look of your pre-war gearbox (particularly as it is now very difficult to get the originals Dull Nickel plated) - 7 required per gearbox

Note: we also sell the gearbox studs in stainless steel (Item 0100), but most importantly - the correct type spring washer, also in stainless steel (Item 0102).  It is very important to fit one of these spring washers under each nut - otherwise the hex of the nut is likely to catch and scratch the gearbox end cover - look at the amount of old Norton upright gearbox covers you can find that have suffered from this issue!


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