Norton Upright Gearbox - Top Adjustment Bolt Washer - E5454 (Each)

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This is the special extra wide washer that fits behind the gearbox top primary chain adustment nut on upright gearbox's.  We have these lasercut and then dull nickel plated washer with the very wide face, this washer fits behind the large nut on top gearbox bolt nut an is important iin helping to spread the load on upright gearbox top lugs (which often snaps if frame lug worn). 

The original part number for this washer was E5454, and they are often missing or omitted on restored bikes.

Price is Each.

This is a very important washer on Norton frames using an upright gearbox - as they were renowned for the gearbox Top bolt casting or the frame lug wearing, particularly if not tightened enough - and eventually one of the two top gearbox casting lugs breaks off.  As can be seen, this washer is wide and thick (approx 1.9mm) - so spreads the tightening load well.

Fitting this heavy duty extra wide washer (with original dull nickel finish) helps spread the load over the gearbox lug when tightening the main top gearbox chain adjuster nut - helping to keep pressure on the lug even, and of course stopping the nut digging into the alloy of the gearbox casting.


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