'Reduced Width' Gearbox and SOHC Vertical Bevel - Spring Washers (Stainless Steel) - 5/16" (per 10)

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These 'Reduced Width' stainless steel spring washers are of the correct profile as used on all Upright and Laydown Norton gearbox covers and also the SOHC Vertical Bevel Housing Studs.  These are in stainless steel and of good UK quality, price is for a pack of 10

This type of washer was used on the front cover of all Norton Upright type gearbox's - whereby on the 'Dollshead' type, it also stopped the special nuts from fouling and scratching the cover.  They were also used similarly on the three similar nuts under the kickstart boss of later Laydown gearbox's.

The same profile washer was also used on SOHC Vertical bevel housings.  Originally Norton's fitted plain washers in that location - but they are not commercially available and prohibitively expensive to make - while this type of stainless spring washer look exactly the same when tightened down, as they have the same profile - but have the added benefit of helping to retain the vertical bevel housing nuts - which are sometimes difficult to fully tighten, as spanner access is difficult.  Therefore we fully recommend using these as a beneficial altenative to plain washers for bevel housing studs.

Priced as a bag of 10 - which is enough for a full set of vertical bevel housing washers or a full gearbox set.



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