Rev Clock SOHC 30/40 M30/40 Gearbox 1:1

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This is a 1:1 (non-reversing) rev clock gearbox that can be fitted to any of my outer timing covers. They are excellent quality - and although not of the 1930's/40's bronze type, they are of the slightly later design also fitted to British sports/racing bikes in 50's/60's and definitely look the part.  UK manufactured

Unfortunately I have not been able to find anyone yet manufacturing the bronze cast type that would have been originally fitted to Norton's in the 1930's-40's, but this is of a very similar design, and was of the type that were commonly fitted to competition bikes from the 1950's.

It does however have the correct angle of output and I believe the 1:1 (none reversing) ratio was the ratio originally fitted to pre-war Norton's - but you will need to check your own rev-clock, as it is very rare to find someone who still has their original Manx Norton rev clock still fitted!

We normally keep at least one 1:1 Reversing gearbox in stock (0338B) - but this needs to be requested, please email us seperately when placing your online order.  If you are not sure what the difference is between reversing and non-reversing - please email us on, and we will happily confirm the two types so you can ensure we supply the correct gearbox for your rev clock.

 Please note - I also stock the 2:1 type (none-reversing) gearbox - Item 0339, and can obtain the 2:1 reversing type by special order  

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