Rev Clock Cable (Normal Covering) - Pre or Post War Type - 36" Length

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Good quality UK manufactured 36" rev clock cable, to fit both pre and post war Norton International and Manx models fitted with chronometric rev clock.  This is the normally  sheathed type - and is the normal length if you have a rev clock mounted close to the handlebar and drive gearbox on the standard norton timing cover.

We also sell a slightly longer 38" rev clock cable - which gives a more cable if you have a rev clock mounted more vertically - as many post war Manx models did  . . . it is best to measure which length will suit you best before ordering - we can also obtain other lengths on special order.

We also sell a rubber sheathed rev clock cable - which were of the type often fitted to the pre-war competition bikes, and now very rare - see item 1045.  The pre-war type is slightly longer as they require a slightly llarger radius to mount to girder forks with rubber sheathing.

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