SOHC Magneto Chain (Genuine Renolds) + Soft Link : SOHC Models (46 Link)

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Genuine Renolds magneto chain and one soft link, to fit SOHC 500cc and later 350cc engines - which is 46 links. 

The 1948 Spare Parts catalog shows the SOHC model as 46 links (which this chain is) which should fit all SOHC (and pre-Featherbed DOHC) 500 models, as well as post 1948 350cc models.

However, the pre-war (to 1948) style 350 crankcase was marginally smaller and was listed as a 45 link chain.  However, I have seen some 350 engines which seem to have been fitted with a timing cover the same as the 500 and where the magneto chain seems the same.  Therefore we just list the 46 link chain.  If you have a 350cc which you believe has a shorter chain - it is a relatively simple task to remove  necessary links - either by using a small chain splitter or carefully grinding the eyes off with a cutting disc on an angle grinder.  We can also shorten for you on request (but cannot accept as a return once this is done)

Note, these chains should use a riveted (soft link), not a circlip link. I supply each chain with the proper Renolds (and expensive!) soft link. 

These soft links can be fiddly and time consuming to rivet this soft link over, and can sometimes result in a tight spot - that just has to be carefully 'eased' if you get it, until it moves freely. Because of this I supply the soft link ready to fit, but do not fit it, as it often marks the chain - then you would think it was second hand!

It is also possible to fit a normal split link (and we can supply these), but it was normal to fit this 'rivetable' type link and we recommend you do so.  If you really do want to use a split link instead of a soft, email us and we can swop soft for split before sending out.

Final point, if you have an OHV/SV engine, we also offer the pre-1938 type 42 link (Item 0802) or post-1948 44 link (Item 0985) versions.  See the OHV/SV section for these.

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