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This spring is is the main positive stop return spring that fits in the gearbox selector mechanism pawl, and it is the wear of this spring over years of use that causes it to eventually causes it to lose it's tension - which then results in changing gear becoming more haphazard and less direct.

We manufacture these springs to the original Norton dimensions. 

Price is each

As always, this spring was copied from an original pattern in very good condition. Fitting it is a relatively simple exercise - remove the end cover to reveal the selector mechanism, then undo the two nuts holding the Return Spring Cover Plate, which allows the removal and replacement of the old spring. This spring fits both upright pre-war gearbox's, post-war upright gearbox's and laydown pre-AMC Norton gearbox's.

A simple fix if not already done, that can greatly improve positive gearchanges

And if you whole positive stop mechanism is slopping about in its housing - you might want to check if the bushes are worn - we also sell these which will improve it more, as will fitting new clevis pins on upright gearbox types.


Norton Upright and Laydown Gearbox's - Background Information

You will notice that previously a customer has rated this Item, and as part of 'Rating' he has asked the question if this spring will also fit the Norton Laydown type gearbox's? - as if you look in the 1955 Spare Parts catalog, you will see that the similar spring fitted to the later Laydown gearbox's is listed as 'D12/410', rather than the 'A12'/410'  part number here (which comes from the 1948 catalog - when they were still using Upright type gearboxs).

Well - I can tell you that to my knowledge they fit and work fine - but I cannot be 100% sure that they werent modified from this style at some point in the evolution of the later Norton Laydown Gearbox - as I have stripped original Laydown gearbox's (that I know have not been touched in my families possesion since the late 60's/early 70's) and found springs both the same as this spring, but also with a slight kink in the springs ends, half way along their length.  The last two photographs show an original Laydown type gearbox selector pawl with one of our springs loosely fitted over the spring area (but not fully fitted in the photo - they normally have both tangs fitted between the pins).   in one of those photographs, two springs are shown next to the selector - both these spring types were taken from original Laydown gearbox's, one being the same as ours, the other having a slight kink.  So yes - it seems they were fitted like this (although it is difficult to be definitive if that was a later modification or not) - but may later have been modified  to have a slight kink (maybe to ease the 'centre point' of the tension on the spring?).  I would be interested to hear if anyone knows more about this, and may instroduce the kinked type as shown in the photo at a later date.

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