Norton Gearbox - Sleevegear Roller Set

Product no.: 0032 A2/318
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Set of 13 rollers to fit all Norton gearbox pre-Amc mainshaft sleevegears (+1 spare in case you lose one!) = 14 rollers in total.

These good quality UK manufactured rollers are a replacement for worn or tired/pitted rollers in your Norton gearbox sleevegear (the big gear at the end of the mainshaft that also holds the engine sprocket.  Fits early Norton upright gearboxs, all the way through to the introduction of the AMC type gearbox (where the sleevegear did not normally have rollers fitted).

Note: we have previously been asked by customers if we can provide the hardened ring that is fitted into the sleevegear to retain the rollers (which is normally peened in place, but if a gearbox is stripped, can often come out and get lost).  As at Feb 2021 we do not offer this - but are considering having a batch manufactured.  Email on if interested.

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Recommended Retail Price, plus delivery

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