Model 30M/40M (SOHC Manx type) Norton Footrest Rubber Brackets (4 pieces)

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These laser cut brackets can be brazed onto your original footrests, as they are often missing or damaged. They are designed to hold the distinctive kidney shaped Norton rubbers - these are replicated from an original SOHC Manx model and have a distinctive shape on the outer bracket with a large vertical tab to stop the foot coming off the footrest in competition.  Item consists of 4 bracket plates - 2 x normal innter type, and 2 x Manx outer type

These have been replicated from an original SOHC Manx bracket I was given many years ago - and are most probably pre-war.  If you look at some genuine period photographs of early Manx Nortons you will see them fitted with similar brackets, normally mounted on rearset photographs.

When we had these lasercut, we had them made with the same notch's  in them as normal roadgoing brackets - so they could be put onto a similar tube as the roadgoing models.  However, the last photograph shows an original pre-war Manx Norton footrest hanger - and as can be seen, there are traces of braze attached to this hanger - where originally brackets just like these would have been attached.  Therefore, if you are intending to replicate the original competition type (early Manx) footrest hangers - these are the brackets you need to make them.

Note 2021:  We are considering having a small batch of these rear mounting early Manx type hanger brackets manufactured as complete assemblies.  Email us on if interested


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